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  1. I applied 5 times before finally getting in, it can and will happen!
  2. I tend to make cheeky remarks from time to time...and I let slipped a cheeky joke during my interview. The interviewed did smiled but I beat myself up so hard afterwards since it could be perceived as inappropriate. So I wouldn't risk it, unless you are super confident that this can be perceived the way you intend it to.
  3. I just can't help it... On a more serious note, it took me 5 application cycles and 4 interviews to get in. 1st time - flat out rejections everywhere 2nd - 4th time - one interview / year, but never got in decided to take some time off from this med school thing, stayed away from it for a year 5th time - thought I bombed the interview, went out almost crying, my friend had to buy me a large mcflurry to calm me down (don't judge), but ended up getting in somehow Looking back, I definitely could have worked harder on my interviewing skills. And this is not just in the context of f
  4. It also took me 5 tries, hopefully in a few years I will be able to say the same thing
  5. I also have applied for five times. I was lucky enough to get in on my 5th try, which was supposed to be my last try. I can really understand how you must be feeling right now. It is very difficult to face the same rejection year after year, and it's even more difficult to pick up the courage to apply again with the fear of being disappointed once more. But I guess that's just how life is, we all have to suck it up and keep on going. Looking back at the years I spent pursuing medicine, there were things that I wished I had done and things that I wished I had not. But I do not regret spending a
  6. Finally came one acceptance I had imagined this moment so many times and for so many years, I always thought I would start tearing hysterically while jumping up and down, then cry myself to sleep Surprisingly, none of it happened, I just feel like I'm having a very very long dream that's finally coming to an end I don't know whether this post should be inspirational for all of you in similar shoes, and I'm not going to say something like keep on trying and eventually u will get in. To be honest, there are many many times that I want to just give up. Sometimes I just felt like it's
  7. i cant believe im actually posting this..... accepted, St. George campus wgpa: >3.95 MCAT:35R ECs: some research experience, one publication, 3 yrs of hospital volunteering, 10 months of clinical placement as part of my program, some student club positions Essays: focused a lot on my clinical experience, tried to emphasize diversity Interview: i felt bad walking out to be honest...and i really thought i said something inappropriate, but i guess u never know 5th time applicant, surprisingly i feel so....calm......= =
  8. wut if one's 2nd undergrad degree is not 4 yrs? can that person still apply using the GPA from 1st undergrad? or is that person disqualified for life...
  9. i would say contact ur referees ASAP and explain the urgency of the situation and see if they are willing to fax a copy to OMSAS rite away, or if u just cant get in touch with them anymore due to some unforeseeable circumstance, contact OMSAS to change ur referee...
  10. wouldn't this mean...technically...someone could leave a whole section blank intentionally if they find that section too difficult.....and dun get penalized at all since it could be interpreted as a technical difficulty (or intentionally reported it as such).....loophole much?
  11. never been so stressed out during an exam, not even my mcat.... i could definitely feel my heart rate increasing like hell.... not as good as i had hoped it to be, but nothing i can do at this point...meh
  12. as much as the student might deserve the bad review, ur supervisor is totally irresponsible and petty; if he didn't want to write him a LOR then he should hv just declined the request, instead of agreeing to it and then backstabbing him, this could really jeopardize someone's future. im actually glad to hear that student got in
  13. Hi guys, I hope I can get some help over here. I already emailed OMSAS but hasn't received any reply yet... I have a rather specific question regarding the referees in my OMSAS application. I originally asked one of my professors to be my referee (listed as Referee No. 1 on OMSAS), to which he has agreed. I have emailed him the confidential assessment form to him in July. However, somehow I lost touch with him ever since and he has not replied to my emails to confirm if the reference package has been completed and sent. Now I am thinking of replacing him with another referee just to be
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