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  1. Hey guys, For those of you who went through this already, could you please confirm how interest is calculated? If withdraw 35k in my first year, do I pay (35k * 2.85%= $997.5) per MONTH (so $997.5 * 12 per year), or per YEAR (but to be paid monthly at $997.5/12)??
  2. Hey guys, Does any of you have information about the best school/program to become a dental hygienist in Toronto? I'd appreciate your input! Thanks!!
  3. You mean today (based on med school results today) or total since May 1st?
  4. Hi guys, Just wondering, is it possible to postpone your acceptance at UofT for one year if you have family reasons to do so?
  5. ^ i think it is the only non-cruel way to explain why they would leave people to wait this long just to be rejected at the end...
  6. I think it applies to having done at least 3 years, taking full course load in each, excluding summers.
  7. What are the odds of getting off the waitinglist, anyone knows?
  8. Average is of the performance of everyone who interviewed (IE: sum of scores by all people who interviewed divided by total number of people who interviewed)
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