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  1. Hey, I sent you a PM. I'm trying to figure out who you are....0T9 UofT right? Theresa
  2. I have a palm TX that I just got through the UofT class purchase. If you go through skyscape.com, you can get most of the software. Toronto Notes came with the paper copy of the book. Let me know how that works out for you. Theresa p.s. are you in second year now..I think I remember your ID from med school applications??
  3. Ok, so I've done some purchasing: heres what I got so far: Epocrates Rx Pro: comes with psychiatric stuff too so you dont have to get an extra psych book. Also covers all the drug stuff and differential diagnosis you need. Schwartz Principles of Surgery: the be all and end all of surgery ACS surgery: focuses more on operative procedure Surgical Recall: questions you will get pimped on Harrisons Internal Medicine: a good reference for internal medicine MD Anderson Surgical Oncology: dont bother if your not doing anything oncology related...but if you are, its useful. ACLS Handbook: good
  4. Perhaps this is a tad idealistic, but I'd like to have a separate reference for each rotation on my PDA (yes, I'm anal retentive like that), in addition to the epocrates, etc. I dont really like reading paper, so So, can anyone reccomend good PDA references for surgery, medicine, obs gyn, paeds, psych and famiy? Theresa
  5. im thinking gen surg, ortho, or plastics, but probably gen surg (surgical oncology stuff is neat). how did you decide on urology?
  6. nice! congrats on the match. what specialty?
  7. its not part of the curriculum, but you can arrange unofficial (ie non credit) stuff during the school year and summer. from my experience at sunnybrook (on monday), the staff does come in for a lap appy. and for complicated emergency cases they come in everywhere (perforations, etc). i think the point of what i was trying to say before was as staff your call is a lot less intesive than as a resident, and you dont have to do every procedure. if the structure is a 5th year resident, a junior and a med student on call, the staff does not necessarily always (im not saying never) come to the OR f
  8. yes, im in second year, but I'm just stating what I my experience has been. if you had a different experience, fine. Im wondering where you did your surgery rotation? I have seen staff at St. Mikes and Sunnybrook stay overnight for weekend trauma call. However, at Mt. Sinai it was mostly as I stated above. Also thank you for your opinion and comment. I found it quite interesting.
  9. I have never once seens staff come in for a lap appy....ever. The junior and senior resident can do it. The only time I've ever seen staff come in was for this pregnant lady's c-section...because she had pancreatitis (hence why gen surg was involved). As a resident, most of your time will be 'in house' and sometimes you will stay 'post-call' until 6 or 7. But generally you can (and should) leave at noon the following day. And usually you get some sleep (unless you are at Sunnybrook...in which case they have a 24 hour coffee shop). Theresa p.s. to answer your previous question, I'm thin
  10. I ordered a 2007 edition cause my 2006 edition was heavily crapped up and I wanted a new one...but in all honestly its not hugely different for all practical purposes. But just make sure you have one edition...it comes in handy. T
  11. I think the designation needs to be made between whether or not your feet will be exposed to blood or other fluids. Personally I'm not a huge fan of crocs, but I own two pairs with no holes on top for OR heavy days when I'm pretty much going to be standing in one spot all day. Otherwise I'm a fan of pumas with Dr. Scholls inserts. Black/lifestlyle ones for clinic days, or whatever with scrubs...just make sure your going for leater and not cloth cause of the risk of blood splatter. T
  12. Hey, basically if you like thinking about the best way to solve a problem, then actually solving it, then surgery may be for you. But medicine might be for you too....the reason I decided on surgery is because i liked the fast pace...you're always doing something, your never bored, and lets face it, its fun to be in the OR If your at UofT, come out to an S3D event (club I started this year) http://www.torontomeds.com/s3d T
  13. Hey guys, I'm in second year meds this year, and I basically live at TGH. I'm not directly involved in the admissions process this year, but if you have any random questions feel free to message me. T
  14. Hi, just wondering if you have any suggestions for what palm programs are good? I hear good things about epocrates and diagnostosaurus...also whats a good one for drugs, emerg/trauma stuff, an anatomy review, and is there a 'surgery handbook'? Thanks, T
  15. Hey, I'm trying to decide about my clerkship rotations for next year. I've heard that its better to have what your interested in as a later rotation closer to carms...so if im interested in surgery, that would be 5 or 6 (have surg and elective last). I've also heard arguements for surgery first (rotation 1). Any suggestions? Thanks, T
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