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  1. Masters is one of many ways to spend a productive 2 years to improve your application. You could also work, take undergrad courses to boost GPA, do research without pursuing the masters, volunteer, shadow, redo DAT etc. It def will help but its by no means the only way. I also had low GPA (literally at the cutoff) and no research, I worked and took undergrad courses for the 2 years and that turned out for me. Def up to you in the end of course, some people enjoy research more than others, and you should only go into Masters if you'll get something out of it besides just the application boost.
  2. Why? you can prob get the same amount of work-life balance and independence doing family.....doesn't seem worth it financial and time wise
  3. So I see that oral diseases is important to you, that's good, you're a very keen student! would you like me to discuss the consequences of not treating (failing) this course? But it's ok if you fail you're still a great person!
  4. I wrote it quite a few years ago but jmp summed it up pretty well. MCAT will give you science passages about astrophysics or molecular engineering or some stupidly daunting topic, but then asks you to apply your basic principles on the questions. DAT's science is much more do you know your facts? also watch a lot of planet earth loll. PAT obv gotta practice cuz its not on the MCAT. I dunno about the new DAT's RC, but the MCAT RC I felt like I could study 5 more years and never do better, because it's about time management and reading between the lines. I hear the new DAT is harder but
  5. Personally, I find arguing with people on the internet pretty good for training how to spot details and read the author's tone and main message
  6. Obviously I can't speak for any other schools, Uwo 2019 class average had a 89.8% average, I had 87.5%, so I guess the answer is yes you have a chance, but you gotta be good or at least different from the pack in other aspects.
  7. don't take any prep courses they are a waste of money unless you've been out of school for many years or you lack organization and motivation to stick to a study plan. Just focus on your weak areas and read that bio even if you are a bio major.....maybe watch planet earth while you're at it
  8. Ya i had no shadowing or Dentistry related experience, but uwo cares more about ECs than when I applied so it cant hurt, just make sure you can talk about something meaningful during that experience
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