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  1. UNDERSTANDS Unless Neo dances, even really stupidly, Trinity and Neo don't survive.
  2. I think I heard somewhere that some association gives u a free backpack, but idk...
  3. 1000% agree, also did mine in 2012 (Waterloo) and only regret not doing it earlier.
  4. We go through "Blocks" (units) which each cover an organ system, except the first one (Block A) which is public health. Molecules/biochem/genetics come up as relevant to each organ system. So, for example Block B is Respiration so the genetics focuses on genetic defects of the lungs, mutations in genes (enzymes, etc. related to this) pertinent to this, etc.. Molecules have a bigger role I'd say in Block E (Gastro) and F (immunology). Endocrine is mostly in Block E (Gastro) when we learn about diabetes, the thyroid (though it does come up briefly in other blocks as well). There is a fin
  5. CARS "has been developed specifically to measure the analysis and reasoning skills you will need to be successful in medical school." Communication isn't the central assessment for CARS, it's reasoning. So if the point of this assessment is being 'lost in translation' (literally) on ESL students, due to the selection of passages, doesn't really seem that fair This can be a very useful test to examine critical thinking skills, but the selection of passages they use seems like it can defs be a limitation for ESL students
  6. Congrats on having gone through the MMIs guys, the wait now is definitely one of the hardest parts Glad to hear that you thought it was well organized and that you were able to enjoy it (somewhat haha)
  7. I'm assuming IP? With 3.6 you have a good chance with a solid interview
  8. Second this. Through the cycles, the best interview I had was the one where, 1. I felt I could articulate well why I wanted to be in that room interviewing to adcoms, and 2. I went in having done what I could to calm myself as much as possible (lol easier said than done) before hand. I did most of my prep while driving, thinking about questions I could be asked and just sorting out how best I could explain myself, and just general self-reflection. And interview day I had some of my favorite people on the planet around me. Just remember there is no 'one' way to prep, just as there is no one per
  9. If you're lucky it's Monday, get it out of the way lol. In past years interviews were in late Feb, during most university's reading week, not sure why it's different this year.
  10. Just to add, with the birth certificate make sure it's certified http://www.mcgill.ca/legaldocuments/quebec/situation1
  11. Succeeded Such underwhelming cupcakes Callie, even Evan deemed everyone dissatisfied.
  12. imo better answers tend to focus on one example that's really fleshed out so that you can make strong points and be sure you answer the question fully within that one example. You don't want to end up just listing experiences, run out of space, and lack explanation as to how these apply to decision making in uncertain/ambiguous situations (and miss out on actually answering the question).
  13. You can only upload one document, correct? so you create a single doc made of all the supplemental residency info you need. If you absolutely have to have 3 pieces of correspondence, put them all together in a single PDF and upload that (unless I'm missing something?)
  14. Anniversary Another needless nuisance is very erratic rockstars singing and really yelling
  15. I've never had one contacted pre or post interview (and went through this a few times lol)
  16. LILLY'S!!! I also like Rohen's anatomy book, but it's easy to find that for free online. It's mostly just slides you study though
  17. How it's worked in the past is you're given a date (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday), and then either a morning or afternoon check-in time (you're there 4-5 hours). You don't get to chose, maybe someone has experience with interview date conflicts but I think you pretty much have to keep the date they give you.
  18. Eat cheesecake to settle your nerves!!
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