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  1. Wait what, you can get in after just 1 year of UNDERGRAD?......
  2. They used to consider 80+ which is an A in most ontario schools to 4.0 A lot of people had their GPA inflated after the conversion. When was this implemented?
  3. Although the effect of increase in the number of matriculates at uoft will certainly worsen the current saturation issue, I think the equivalency policy and accreditation of Aus/New zealand/Ireland will have a far more impact. I've already seen quite a few recent grads from Australia, with 'Dr' in front of their name when some of their degree isn't even doctoral...this is certainly confirmed from NDEB site where they publish the pass rate of NDEB results. The number of candidates writing it has gone up from like ~600-700 in 2010ish from what I recall to 1262 in 2016. And passing rate stayed si
  4. Not true...I get asked where I went to school and where I am from quite frequently ...haha
  5. I think like Malkynn said this is highly variable with location, your speed, how many hours/days you work, and the type of procedure you're willing to tackle first year out but I've heard it range from ~15k to 80k a month gross billing but average is probably right around your number.
  6. I am not sure if the equivalency process or new reciprocal agreement between Australia, NZ and Ireland caused more saturation of dentists, but one thing for sure is that there definitely has been a huge increase in dentists that are practicing in Canada who have studied outside. I actually think I meet more foreign (non-Canadian schools including US) trained dentists when I attend CE courses these days. Out of curiosity does anyone know of someone who trained in Canada but decided to move elsewhere to practice other than US? This so called reciprocity got to have some sort of outflow as we
  7. I was an interviewer this year for uwo it was closed file.
  8. are you finished with your residency? that's really good if you just started working as omfs. is the cut still 40% for you as well?
  9. most people I know who are in/are going to be in GPR have relatively good grades, although I don't think it matters that much. some are doing it to increase their chances of matching into a specialty program like OMFS because nowadays pretty much all OMFS require a year of GPR before being admitted. Some do it to gain more experience just because they don't feel ready to practice after dental school. And from what I know, GPRs vary quite a bit depending on where you do it. Some are heavily oriented for pediatric like the one in sick kids in toronto and I hear my school offers a lot of surgical
  10. what is the average annual fee for setting up/maintaining the incorporation status? ie accountant fee, fee to RCDSO etc
  11. actually, I heard that some principal dentists prefer to hire graduates from US due to canadian graduates not getting enough clinical exposure compared to them...along the same line, I guess some may prefer to hire foreign trained dentists too?
  12. not just in BU. Apparently there are just as many Canadians studying dentistry in US now as in Canada.
  13. You aren't even in dentistry yet, and you are that stressed? haha what about us who are already in dentistry hearing about those things? Consensus is that dentists still do decent outside of major cities. Unless your parents have an established practice doing well in a major city it's generally not suggested to work in major cities at this point. As depressing as it may sound, they truly are very saturated and you probably should begin thinking about working at least an hour away from those cities. There are recent graduates who decide to work in cities like Toronto anyways due to fa
  14. The only time I remember receiving a CD was from a second year endo course but you don't really need to use it anyways. Besides, the computer lab in med sci building (verc) is always available for you to use so I don't think it will be too problematic without one.
  15. I guess you got a response like that because you have a 3.91 GPA/90% best 2 and you can't seem to figure this simple question out on your own. Of course there is no safe DAT score. you may get rejected even with a 30. I am serious too.
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