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  1. https://www.google.com/url?sa=t&source=web&rct=j&url=https://www.durbin.senate.gov/imo/media/doc/Healthcare%20Workforce%20Resilience%20Act%20Summary.pdf&ved=2ahUKEwi659CsoavtAhVeFVkFHSIhA9sQFjABegQIAhAF&usg=AOvVaw2msoU5HliLA5ucjeWxA8zj It's interesting. May open things up for people here on an H1b. Passing is a big if.
  2. Possible in some cases, but not easy. Echoing what's been said many times on here: don't do surgery if you can see yourself doing anything else.
  3. Mine's more than a little dated, but I 've posted pretty extensively if you go back through my history.
  4. Briefly, US fellowship on an H1b or J-1 (requires USMLE). Then job on A SIMILAR visa -- with concerns about ability to transfer and possible requirement to leave the country for 1-2 years at visa expiration (3-6years with conditional annual renewal required as of this year). Ultimately, you need your employer to sponsor you for permanent residency which right now has anual caps and--at best--a processing time of 3-5 years during which time you may not be allowed to stay in the US. At the end it's possible with a moderate to high level of difficulty and adds a good deal of uncertainty an
  5. Check the pathway with the CPSO that doesn't require RC certification (pathway 3).
  6. Happy to discuss more; but the bottom line is that it's much more complicated than 'not usually an issue' and worse in the current climate. The number of employers willing to go for the H1B has dropped dramatically recently (and the J-1 is basically indentureship) Here's some info on that path from one of the locum companies (https://comphealth.com/resources/foreign-physicians-residency-advantages-disadvantages-h-1b-visa/#:~:text=Disadvantages%20for%20the%20physician%20%E2%80%94%20An,granted%20in%20three%20year%20increments.): Disadvantages of the H-1B Visa Disadvantages for t
  7. Viability of this option will depend on your specialty and specific personal factors. It is possible in some circumstances. Relocation should not be considered as an 'easy out' to surgical employment difficulties after Canadian surgical training. The number of people who are successful at it would be about 5% of all graduating Canadian surgeons (rough estimate based on observations of my peer group).
  8. With a green card there are no further employment restrictions. @peace2014 I think you're broadly right. I'm a little skeptical about the 2 year processing time--and being able to convert off a work visa easily -- especially a J1 if you're on one for residency. I'm basing that off of observed experiences not direct expertise however. Definitely agree that doing the USMLEs as early as possible can't but help.
  9. Standard dog whistle. Engage or not at your preference. Those who think one way will read it as acknowledge of positive change or at least dismiss it as a neutral comment. Those who he's speaking to will read it as an indication that the minority is receiving preferential treatment enforcing their victimization. We should all easily be able to read this type of comment for what it is by now.
  10. Agreed. It's not as though we're a significant part of the work force but it's not uncommon. Permanent immigration status is key to getting out of academics.
  11. Agree, no real tiers in Canada, each university has strengths and weaknesses. This is a life goal question. If you want to be a doctor in Canada go to med school there. If you want to resettle to the US then go directly to med school here (but expect a lifetime of decreased opportunity unless you can get permanent immigration status). If you want to do research in Canada primarily l'd reconsider doing medicine at all. MD academics in Canada have the same obligations and tenure track obligations as non-MDs. There's little to no prestige and true hybrid positions are almost non-existen
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