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  1. I havent looked at the prerequisites, I will check later. I thought most of them should share the prerequisites. Besides , its difficult to get into med school and so i gotta keep my options open.
  2. essays is easier for you, then I would recommend health sciences type programs? you meant social science? What if you dont get into med school or anotherhealthcare prof school? What will I do with the social sc. degreee?
  3. Thank you. So it is indeed difficult to get a good mark at UfT. Why so? What do they teach there? Or you need to do a lot of research? What program at UfT did you take? What do you mean by "just keep your high gpa to get such opportunities"?
  4. Thank you. you wrote "Mac Health Sci is the best program to pave your path towards a high GPA " . Is it very easy to get high GPA in "Mac Health Sci? I was assuming not because I its a Health Sciences program and courses must be difficult there. Trent or Guelph - far from home. I would like to attend a school close to home. Psyc is it Psychology ? This wouldnt have though any of the courses like bio, chem to prepare for MCAT. Yes, I have heard from others that it is difficult to get high marks at UfT. May be i should avoid that then. What program is a good program at Ryerson?
  5. thank you. I see the minimum mark required into Mac Health Sci is 90 so high. I am assuming it is very difficult to study there and obtain good GPA because the program is difficult.
  6. thank you, is Kinesiology program so difficult or does it depend on the university? Do you need Physics to apply for the Kinesiology program or does it depend on university too?
  7. Hi everybody, I am new on this board. I am an 11 gr high school student live in Ontario close to 3 schools - UfT , Ryerson and York Uni. What is the best program in these Universities (and possible in other universities offering long distance learning) where it is easy to get a higher GPA but at the same time which allow obtaining the knowledge required for MCAT. I also want to keep other options open. If I do not get into medical school I would consider applying to programs such as Optometry, Physiotherapy, Occupational Therapy, Pharmacy and others. So the goal is to find a program whi
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