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  1. The number I've heard thrown around is schools screen out about 150-200 of the 700-900 applications they received
  2. Hoping some people who interviewed previously can answer this. Some schools (UofT & Alberta) indicate that the attire for the interview is "business casual". To me this means ditch the suit and just wear dress shirt + chinos. Do people usually follow this or do most people still show up in suits?
  3. Agree. I feel even the casper is a poor measure especially now that it's no longer run purely by McMaster. I know people who half-ass the marking for easy $$
  4. From what I remember the app said French is an asset and high school level would be a good base, but it never said it was required. FWIW I got an interview to mcgill and clearly stated my french is not conversational in the personal letter lol
  5. Sorry to single you out but I just want to play devil's advocate on a few of your points to give OP more food for thought. 1. I've asked a lot of residents in FM/IM: in hindsight what's the ideal number of interviews you would you have attended? Most tell me around 8. It's a good balance of maximizing chances yet not stretching yourself out too thin. Don't forget that the more you interview the more tired you will get. Performance may subsequently go down. 2. Depending on where OP's other interview is there may be more at risk than $500-1000. What if OP misses the 1 flight that will
  6. Let it go. Even if you are a strong applicant you may just not be a good fit for whatever reason. I experienced the same thing for one school in FM. Congrats on the interviews!
  7. If they specifically want one they'll probably mention it in the carms program description. I'd take a look
  8. Not sure but I know different people who got their invites at different times today (about 30 min apart). Signups are tomorrow morning so I think it's unlikely you'll hear back after the office closes today
  9. They sent out a google doc where you rank your top 3 timeslots On that note has anyone received confirmation from UofA with regards to their interview time?
  10. Based on people I've talked to my guess is invites went out for those who applied to one of the rural streams
  11. UBC interview signups are monday at noon so I would assume either they're all out or there's a small batch left for tomorrow morning.
  12. lol is there a particular reason why the Jan 23/21 dates for uoft fam med are so popular?
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