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  1. National specialty specific sites often have job board advertisements too, but this is less primary care relevant. For specialty spots, try speaking with the chair of the dept and they can often point you in the right direction.
  2. Joining this topic late, but it is a fun one. 1) I leased a brz during residency. LOVED that car. Not too much more than a civic, was as good on gas. Put a smile on my face every time I stepped into it haha. But moved away to a land with more snow and crappier roads, so ended up getting a gas 5th gen rav4. Much more practical, also puts a smile on my face, but in a different way. My dad has the hybrid - loves it (minus the fact that much less driving gets done during covid). Between civic and rav? Had essentially a civic pre brz, and also was fine. My mom also has a civic turbo and it is
  3. For the record, when I’ve had patients with solitary focus of malignant cord compression NYD, path on call has been helpful at some quick DDx’s for the weekend biopsies. Don’t necessarily want to irradiate something that could respond to curative intent chemo upfront that would jeopardize someone’s cure later on. Rare situation, but I’ve always enjoyed working closely with pathologists.
  4. Thanks LL. I was locuming for the summer, and something lined up to start back where I trained in Sept. But also noticed things were slow, so was curious to see if it was still slow for others or if things had picked up. COVID has been a curveball for many things.
  5. I wanted to bump this and see how things went for the rest of the year for the new grads/current R5s. Seems like things are slow again for new job postings in my field, but that’s par for the course. Did things pick up for others?
  6. Rad onc - I only know one person who for very specific circumstances needed 2 years of fellowship in my grad class. Some went straight to work without fellowship as well. I would slot it in the 6 years at this point.
  7. Theres a lot of psychology evidence to show that passion is developed and cultivated, and not just born.
  8. Soon as job opportunities for sub specialists are limited, then the hustle becomes nonstop. That still applies to a generous amount of specialties.
  9. I think board certification in the US is a bit trickier, and would likely become a barrier to getting malpractice coverage with an incomplete residency. However, I do recall that after I passed my USMLE STEP 3 that I received an email saying at that point I was free to apply for state licenses. You may get better responses on either **DELETED** or on SDN where the userbase is US predominant, and they might be able to point you in the right direction. I speculate that it may be limited to moonlighting type coverage, or more insurance peer to peer coverage type roles, which may not reimburse as
  10. Definitely not happy with CMA’s latest moves. Also think AMA might have stopped the bundling? Not sure what the latest is.
  11. Be careful - med school is not guaranteed to be in the same city as residency, and the market is of questionable volatility depending on who you ask. But it is possible, sorta I think
  12. Man, this situation keeps getting more messed up. The AMA held a non confidence vote with a 67% response rate having 98% of the votes having no confidence in the health minister. And now there are twitter posts stating that Pincher Creek docs are basically forced to cover the gaps in the Aug schedule under threat of reporting to the CPSA. Absolutely bonkers. This really has to get resolved soon for everyone’s sanity, although I don’t see that happening.
  13. Tuition costs, parking, royal college (probably 5k by the time you write it). CMPA, disability insurance, etc
  14. I would suggest using it with your own decks, not US material. was great for Royal college studying though.
  15. I had a brz for residency I leased in my second year. Put a smile on my face every day I saw it and drove it. Was it responsible? Not the most responsible car, but also good on gas. Med school I knew a few people that bought beaters, one that had a bmw. I would not get something extravagant, but if you’re in the market, probably would focus on something to last you through to the end of residency at least. Which means that should be reliable and good in the snow for when you’re on call (the dodges now have awd I think? Mind you I say this coming from a rwd car. Lol). 20k dodge isn’t going to b
  16. I’m sorry to hear that. I have no knowledge of how best to proceed in this circumstance, but you may also increase your audience and chance of someone having a thoughtful solution by posting on SDN or r/medicalschool or r/premed as well, which tend to have a much more US focused audience.
  17. None of them I would say. Or at least, none of them which come to mind.
  18. This really is r/wallstreetbets material https://**DELETED**.com/r/wallstreetbets/comments/ggeg3n/destroyed_by_margin_call/
  19. You’ll be fine. No one knows everything going in. Work hard and enjoy the ride
  20. Keep in mind there is a lot of uncertainty with how covid will affect real estate markets. Someone who is risk adverse might be more inclined to just rent for now.
  21. If it’s anything like my school they’ll just give you some once you start. You’ll have plenty of time to practice in school - enjoy the sun for now
  22. Sit back and enjoy your last days of freedom! Consider investing in some nice noise cancelling headphones and ensure your IT equipment is up to snuff for remote lecturing. That would about it really. Also keep in mind that there are a lot of healthcare worker discounts about now so it’s ok to window shop until you get to class and see what’s up.
  23. I’ve already changed my side bag to a waterproof outdoorsy bag for wipe downs lol
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