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  1. With FM, you just got to do a lot of preparation on your own while in residency in addition to the core training. This continues on into the first 5 years out into practice. You want to be in a busy FM program that gives you a lot of variety in core areas of FM. A relaxed program is great but if it's too chill you're going to become complacent. Residency ain't supposed to be easy, and the harder you work during it, the more you'll feel ready. That's how I feel halfway through R1.
  2. On week 4/8 of my pediatric rotation. So far holding out... I did get sick on peds as a medical student though. I'm wearing a mask to see a patient regardless of precautions. Hand sanitizer and handwashing a lot and Cavi-wiping steths, pens, etc. frequently.
  3. I've heard ~18 (15 last year) as the number at my program. Friend at UofA says ~9-10. Unofficial data.
  4. If one doesn't hear from UAlberta FM re: interview invite or decline, is that assumed decline? Or historically have they kept a waitlist or released in batches?
  5. Hello, For the program specific Custom CVs, could someone provide some insight into how one should tailor towards a specific program? And how much should this custom CV differ from the generic CaRMS CV that everybody enters online? Lastly, is it generally agreed that one should only include extra-curricular activities post-undergraduate? Thanks in advance.
  6. You can scan and fax them an unofficial copy while you send the official one. Some will accept it some won't.
  7. Didn't apply to Columbia. I went 3/4 on Interviews. I was accepted at UDM (Dec 2nd) and BU. NYU waitlisted, but didn't really bother after other offers to get in. I think shadowing over an extended period of time is good as it shows your commitment. It's more about how you describe your experiences and what you got out of it. I would say that GPA/DAT are important, but the Ivy Leagues are different in the sense that they look for well-rounded and unique candidates that are interesting. Athletics, volunteering, music, unique experiences, travel etc. I found that other schools didn't emp
  8. GPA was 3.7-3.8, forgot how it was adjusted by AADSAS. AADSAS submitted 2nd week of June. Secondary app submitted end of June. Wrote American DAT July 30th, and it was released end of August. American DAT: (Score, Percentile) PAT 22, 93.4 QR 24, 99 RC 24, 89.8 Bio 23, 97.4 GC 22, 91.8 OC 21, 85.7 TS 22, 95.6 AA 23, 98.7 I also wrote the Canadian last November, and scored the same across the board. I interviewed 2nd week of January, but was notified of interview in November. I found out 2 weeks later end of January, and it was probably the best day of my life
  9. I got in last year, but declined. Opportunities, facilities, and teaching are all good. It's top notch. The facilities for first years was a little old though.
  10. The MMI is fun. Enjoy the process and relax. You can prepare to familiarize yourself with the thought processes and get used to the timing etc. Otherwise, be well read and interesting with your answers. Draw from current events, life experiences. You'll be able to talk forever, and you'll feel like you wish you had more time as the conversation gets going. This is the best part of the application process. Interviewers can see your stress/fear, so just be yourself and that'll be reflected in your score. Oh, and smile
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