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  1. Thanks samy. Did you find them helpful for studying for exams during year1/2 or more during clerkships
  2. I read that many students found the toronto notes still helpful during clerkship and also while studying for the exams during first and second year here. Just wondering if it would be helpful for mcgill's curriculum?
  3. Hey Just wondering how useful Toronto notes or other textbooks would be for McGill students either for first/second studying for exams or during clerkships? I know it follows U of T's curriculum pretty closely but I was wondering how helpful it would be for McGill students.
  4. they do it for people for didn't get in after the mmi, not sure for accepted applicants. I would be curious to to know as well if anybody knows!
  5. hey does anyone know when we get off after first year? and how much time we have off before second year starts? got invited to a couple of weddings overseas and Im just trying to figure out if I can go or not.
  6. I agree that everyone should make an effort to learn French once they start mcgill but mcgill does accept out of province and international students. It is difficult for someone to be fluent in French after only a year or 2 in Quebec. Thats not to say its a sign that they don't care or not committed to their patients. By that logic, Montreal has a diverse immigrant population, I have met patients that only spoke their native language and were asked to translate for them in terms of Vietnamese, Chinese etc...
  7. Hi I recently spoke with a few residents in different programs in Canada. They told me that after residency, it's not that easy to find a job unless you are in family med or something, and a lot of people are having to do a fellowships which doesn't pay as well to wait for a job to open up and because of this, some of them are applying to the US because after 4 years of med, 5 years of rez, they want a permanent job and need to pay down their debt, I am starting to get worried, I have read articles about this in the news as well, that some orthos residents can't find jobs because of lack o
  8. Hey I'm thinking of applying for a job at MD Consultants since I did pretty well on my MMI. Anybody have any experience working for them? I remember seeing a post a while back saying that it was a scam and they weren't getting paid or something, just wondering if anybody else can comment or has worked for them before. Thanks
  9. oh crap, I guess I missed the deadline for the bursary then...I guess there's not much i can apply for now except pray for a scholarship which I doubt, lol
  10. thanks Clover, for responding so fast, are you referring the link that says mcgill entrance bursary (it says it's for first year undergrads? or do we qualify as undergrads ?) or the link that says apply financial aid, or the one that says apply for scholarship? I was also confused about the fact that, is this a strictly mcgill bursary thing or is this linked to quebec government for aid and bursaries that we apply with through mcgill? I was just wondering if we need apply for both separately?
  11. ok thanks, for some reason, I thought we would find out before school starts about scholarships and whatnot, so I can figure out how many loans I can apply for and stuff.... so we wouldn't find out until september?
  12. Any idea when we should hear back regarding scholarships? Is it per year or for four years? do you have to keep up a certain GPA? Any current med students know anything about the scholarship process, please advise!
  13. Does anyone know when we would need to buy the stethoscope, books and all the necessary equipment for school?
  14. Congrats to all those accepted. Just wondering, besides an email saying check minerva and the pdf letter posted in minerva, have anyone received anything else from mcgill regarding enrolment and official mails? It's so different from the other schools, were I get a bunch of letters and instructions, McGill doesn't say anything except a checklist below...I feel it's so unnerving like somehow it can't be real or i'm missing something...
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