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  1. You're right, just need 1 copy from each university. If you go to Dal then you don't need to send in your transcripts
  2. Check out the Facebook Page. One of our classmates explained how to do the block registration
  3. Great point that I should have mentioned. In talking with the banks it is obvious they want your business. If you aren't choosing a bank because of an annual credit card fee or because they don't provide free cheques negotiate with them because more than likely they will waive the fees to get your business. These are the plans they offer but they aren't set in stone.
  4. Here is a comparison of the various LoC offers from various banks https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0AiNty_uU8U2ndHQtVFJ2UDJpX09JQ0phbDVLUm9rOGc
  5. Accepted! -NS resident, 2nd time applying. I finished my BSc (Honours) in 2010 and I finish my M.Sc. this summer My cumulative GPA is around 3.7 (M.Sc. grades + best 2 consecutive years of undergrad). My MCAT scores are: Physical Sciences: (12) Verbal: (7) Biological Sciences: (11) Writing Sample: (Q) EC: numerous medically and non-medically related volunteering experiences, varsity athletics, shadowed a family physician, student council, lots of research experience (both academic and work), presented at a few conferences, received various awards/scholarships. Intervi
  6. Does anyone know the way that Step 2 will look once it is submitted? They have told us to use point form so for my description of each activity I have put everything into bullet form, each on its own line in the box. When I look at the print form version however after I have entered everything, it's all messy and instead of looking like bullet points it looks just like a paragraph with hyphens separating each point. Would it be better to use periods to make it look better? What is everyone else doing?
  7. For all the categories except extra-curriculars in Part 2 they say they want a description of what you did. For EC however it says to list is as a individual, club, or team event. In addition if it's sports they want to know what level you competed at. I don't think providing this is enough information. Is anyone else adding a bit of a description or just saying the type of activity it is?
  8. Does anyone know what the character limit is for the description section in each category? I am not sure how much detail to go into, especially when they say "Answers must be typed and you are required to respect the space allocated. Answers in point form are easier to peruse. We want to know what you have done in your life so far, why you did it, and what you have gained from it as a person and as a future physician." Do they actually want us to say why we did each activity and what we gained from it as a person/future physician? Also how much detail are people going into for extra-cu
  9. I see that in Step 1 we need to list our 2 references. Once we submit Step 1 will they be emailed confirmation that we listed them as a reference or will they only receive an email in a couple of months when they need to do the letter? I just want to know what to tell my references to expect. Thanks!
  10. I have two more questions about the supplemental information form: 1) I was wondering if it is ok to list the same activity under two categories on the supplemental form. For example if I worked for a summer as a research assistant at a hospital this would fall under both "medically related experience" and "jobs" 2) Does the interests/sports/etc. category not require any references at all or was that a typo on the online form? Thanks for your help!
  11. I know the Class of 2016 application has yet to open but I want to start getting some things together to make sure I have enough time to contact all the references I need too. I was going through the Supplemental Information Form on the dal med site and had two questions (assuming the form is the same for the coming cycle). 1) The non-medically related volunteering section does not explicitly state "since graduating from high school". I was wondering if anyone knew if this was an oversight or if they would like to know about non-medically related volunteering in high school? 2) How wou
  12. I thought some of you would be interested in this article in the chronicle herald today: Dal selling med school spaces to Saudi Arabia By DAVID JACKSON Provincial Reporter Sat, Mar 12 - 4:54 AM The Dalhousie University medical school is selling spaces to Saudi Arabia as a way to generate money to make up for underfunding, the school’s dean says. The 10 first-year seats became available as a result of a deal with New Brunswick that sees Dalhousie educating that province’s medical students in their home province via videoconferencing, Dr. Tom Marrie said Friday. The seat
  13. i was wondering if anyone was planning on writing the mcat in halifax in september? i was registered for sept 2 at the future inn site but prometric called me yesterday to say that they have cancelled all remaining test dates at that location for the year. so they have stuck me in mississauga and i have to somehow make arrangements to get to toronto next week now, more added stress on top of mcat studying! i wasn't even aware the aamc was able to just shut down sites with a week to go, i guess i didn't read the fine print somewhere. was anyone else surprised with this information yesterday?
  14. i was wondering if anyone knew how dal looks at writing multiple mcats? do they frown upon writing it more than once? im debating whether to write it a third time so any input would be greatly appreciated!
  15. I was wondering if anyone knew if it is possible to change one of your referee's after you have submitted the application?
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