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  1. You're leaving a comfy hospital senior x-ray position that probably pays $80,000 a year to go back to undergrad to do another 4 years and gamble with your life/grade? I personally wouldn't, but that's just my opinion.
  2. Very interesting. For some of my nursing courses (clinical practice), it did not have GPA. It was either pass/fail. Are all of PA courses pass/fail with no GPA assigned to it? If so, I assume that the adcom will look at the previous undergrad GPA.
  3. Anybody want to share their experience with a gunner? Back when I was in the science program, I asked a "friend" for her note on the class that I missed due to being sick. She made a new note with false information and gave it to me.
  4. Realistically, not everyone can get into medical school. It's always good to have a backup plan. It's not the end of life if you don't get into med school. For me, I try not to form my identity around my career. I'm the kind of person who works to live, not live to work. Sure, I love to help the sick and make them feel better, but in the end, it's just a job for me.
  5. but if you look at some of the stats of the RNs getting into NP program ie UofT NP, you'll notice that they have over 3.8 gpa, which is good enough to get into some of the med schools.
  6. I think the problem lies in the fact that I've procrastinated in studying for mcat and just read over the kaplan book once (almost like speed reading.). Thanks for the advice! Appreciate it
  7. I was just kidding! I have similar stats (except mcat which I bombed terribly), and I know how much effort a person has to exert to achieve it.
  8. Nice stats! btw, how high did your nose go up when you were typing up those stats?
  9. I guess I'm not too surprised. RNs are already trained and educated in school to work in the community and public health to provide health promotion, do situational assessment, planning, implementation, ... What I'm now thinking is that I may become a family nurse practitioner. I'll work full time in the family health clinic and work part time to do the health promotion activities for the community. This is only if I don't get into med/dent... someday.
  10. How many nurses in your class? I hear that there are many nurses working for Toronto Publich Health. I may want to work as a public health nurse someday.
  11. I see porters from time to time take my patients down to different departments. As a backup plan, think about all the health care professions there are if you are truly interested in helping out people. Physical therapist Occupational therapist Radiation therapist Radiation/x-ray technologist Nuclear medicine technologist Optometrist Registered Dietician Registered Nurse Licensed Practical Nurse Nurse Practitioner Physician Assistant Dental Hygienist Dental Technologist Denturist Pharmacist UltraSound Technologist Medical Laboratory Technologist Chiropodist/Podiatris
  12. Really? I never found it comfy enough to wear it around in my home though.
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