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  1. Does anyone know where to get good general information about radiology fellowships? Like where one can expect to work with *fill in the blank* fellowship, how procedural based it is, general lifestyle, general salary, whether it is useful for clinic/community/large hospitals? Thanks
  2. I'm a 2nd year med student who finished a degree in biomed engineering. As most people have already mentioned, prepare to run into many problems trying to get into med. Engineering is just not designed to fit the premed curriculum. I did eng and premed all in 4 years, but expect to take 5 years. If you're doing engineering, your courseload will be heavy. You'd better be extremely good at engineering. I was the top student in my class of ~120 or so, and my grades were only that of an average admitted medical student. And be prepared to settle for a career in engineering cause statisti
  3. That's what 4 years of engineering trained me to do
  4. For those of you interested, I did a regression on the stats that were posted last cycle. And the magic formula for your AQ is: AQ = 1.6986*(0.4*Last60 + 0.6*OverallGPA) - 127.81 R² = 0.9969 The R squared value is pretty high. I'm pretty confident in this formula. Of course, it is a regression so it will only give a very close estimate to your true AQ.
  5. Just wondering, where does it say that the AQ is changing for next year's cycle? On a side note, if you read between the lines in the FAQ section it says that the AQ this year has changed (pre-interview); does that mean there is a chance that the AQ goes back to last year's grading scheme post interview? Just a thought...mostly speculation. "Q: Evaluation: My AQ score went down this year even though I haven’t taken any new courses. Why is this? A: For the 2010-2011 cycle, there was an adjustment to the system for allocating points (pre-interview) to determine academic scores, for b
  6. I did the question and found one answer. But when I was asked "are you sure", I redid the question and found that there were 3 unique solutions. Did anyone else see that or did I make a mistake?
  7. I mean I submitted my last reference in the last week of November. I suppose that should mean I can expect to be the last one(s) to be reviewed, right? I also made the mistake of clearing my junk mail on the day they rejected 1100 ppl. Would anyone recommend that I should email them to see if I've already been rejected?
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