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  1. How long will cadavers be used at U of T before they are cremated and returned to the family? Not from the time of donation but from the time they are actually used.
  2. Finally have time to really watch this. Impressive video effects and video editing. A job well done UBC Med Class 2023! You really set the bar high for others. Can't wait to see the other schools' interview videos this year!
  3. UBC Med will not give you a letter of enrollment because technically you're not enrolled until you've registered and paid for the courses in July. Some banks don't consider the offer letter and proof of deposit as proof of enrollment.
  4. Did they just accept your offer letter as proof and no need to wait for the letter of enrollment in July? Which branch and advisor did you talk to? PM me if needed. Thanks!
  5. Good summary! Did they say you need to properly enroll first or is the letter of acceptance and proof of deposit adequate? Did they say how long will the period of free banking and premium credit card be? Did you just walk into any branch of each bank or did you specifically go to the branch with a Med School LOC specialist?
  6. Did those of you with LOC get a premium card without problem? All those premium cards come with an income requirement (usually $60,000+). How did your banks override this? At branch level or at back office level? Some banks have this premium card promotion but the bank employees tend to say the income requirement stays. Then how can a Med student with low/no income manage to get such cards?
  7. Did anyone get a confirmation email about this May 10th date or is this from Poloma who called admissions?
  8. Here's something for you to digest in case you have nothing better to do, (accuracy not guaranteed): Offers release date: 2018 May 11 (Friday) 2017 May 12 (Friday) 2016 May 11 (Wednesday) 2015 May 8 (Friday) 2014 May 15 (Thursday) 2013 May 15 (Wednesday) 2012 May 15 (Tuesday) 2011 May 12 (Thursday) 2010 May 14 (Friday) 2009 May 15 (Friday) 2008 May 15 (Thursday) 2007 May 16 (Wednesday) 2006 May 15 (Monday) Over 10 years ago, the offer release day had been around mid-May for a few years. I think beginning in 2015, UBC h
  9. Wouldn't it be better if you post this after next Sunday when everyone is done with their interviews?
  10. Is any of the contacted verifiers a personal friend or family member?
  11. Buying second hand saves a lot. Make sure the books do not have writing or highlighting on them. It could be very distracting. Try to look for them on craigslist or UBC students group on facebook. There are MCAT books being sold from time to time. Best of luck on your studying!
  12. A friend of mine took 2 1/2 months to study for the 2015 MCAT without any UG science courses. Bought the Kaplan 7-book set and did 1 chapter a day sometimes 2. Practiced with the Kaplan's full length exams and AAMC's scored exam. Got a very decent score! It depends on the person. Some people work better alone and some needs discipline by physically going to class.
  13. Yes, surgery is one of the most brutal ones! The team deals with life and death and is under a lot of stress. I can accept they skip the "please" and "thanks" to save time but shouting out insults to the juniors is simply an exploitation of their power. You thought those who'd gone through this pain would know how hurtful it is and would not want to do it to the ones below them. Turns out, once they have the power, they become one of them and pay it forward! Fake it till you make it? Or are they simply burnt out and don't want to bother with basic manners to human anymore? I bet they had a
  14. They got rid of the prereqs but not the MCAT. Those who never touched science in undergrad may not do well in MCAT. So no prereqs doesn't mean absolutely no science background. Therefore most pure Arts students with no prereqs still won't be able to apply.
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