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  1. Is it appropriate to shake an actor's hand before leaving? My first station was acting and before I left I shook the interviewers hand and then offered my hand to the actor, who waited for 2 seconds before shaking it. I thought I did something really dumb so at the next acting station I didn't even shake the interviewers hand and just left. Is that rude?
  2. Just bumping up this thread. I didn't feel like I screwed anything up in particular, and had a mix of good and okay stations.
  3. So now that Interviews are all done and we can do nothing except hyperanalyze our performances till decision day, what did everyone make of their particular experiences?
  4. Can't sleep. Going over two confused blundrish sentences I said to the actor during the acting station. Wishing the mods hadn't removed the post interview discussion thread for this cycle. I'm just going to work out.
  5. Yup First rejections, then waitlist, then acceptances.
  6. That's one of the issues with low GPAs. Unless you kill the interview you dont stand a chance.
  7. At the moment fantasizing about life post acceptance, then destroying I by thinking about life post rejection, which has been the case so far.
  8. I have a similar concern, in one of my MMI prompts I took a humanitarian perspective that was on the 'being nice" and less analytical side, and the interviewer didn't really look impressed. He challenged my arguments by bringing different viewpoints or comparisons. Now I think about it I could have talked and acknowledged the other side more, but I didn't, and kept arguing towards my humanitarian perspective while I initially felt kinda good about it, but now I'm not sure whether I messed it up or not.
  9. Does screwing up on follow-up questions equate to doing poorly on the whole station. I realized that towards the end of the interview I was answering the main questions well but got a brain fog on the follow up questions and didn't really answer or took too long to answer them?
  10. I suffer from interview fatigue. I an quite a sociable person but I've failed several med school interviews in previous years because of interview exhaustion. Midway through the interview I get headache and can't concentrate on the question, which unfortunately means my answer quality goes down as the interview progresses. Has anyone dealt with this problem before?
  11. Can you post the link to the FB page here or make a new thread if/when you make one?
  12. Usually during the last cycles there was a huge UBC MMI prep group that practiced evenings 5pm on weekdays and weekends 11am or 1 pm depending on how many people showed up in the basement of Scarfe at UBC. It should be running again soon.
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