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  1. Hello, I am a little confused about UAA calculation. I am a non-trad applicant, completed my undergrad degree in 5 years (total 160 CU including summer courses) in 2013 and a course-based master (total 15 CU with 3 CU Pass/Fail course) in 2014. Is it true that in this case, my UAA will be calculated based on the last/most recent 120 CU including the courses I took in my MSc or will they only look at my undergrad courses marks (120 CU)? Or will they calculate it based on all my undergrad courses (160 CU)? Thanks so much in advance.
  2. Hi, I'm a non-trad applicant (graduated from MSc. in 2014, been working since). I have a very low cGPA (3.39) and U of T wGPA (3.73). I've never imagined applying to U of T because my wGPA is very low compared to other applicants and average accepted GPA of 3.95. But I was wondering if there's anyone who was accepted with this GPA who has a course-based MSc? P.S. I've been productive in my 1-year course-based MSc although it is not research-based: high GPA (not sure if they count), scholarship, poster presentation, and have recently submitted first-author paper on my research (curre
  3. I know that Western interviews mid-late April and U of T interviews in Feb (their acceptances come out before UWO's interview, I think).
  4. Thanks so much for the reply! I will give it a try this year and if I don't get in, I'll consider doing an extra year of undergrad to possibly increase my GPA. Thanks again!
  5. Hi, I have recently decided to apply to dentistry so I am not sure if I am competitive or not so I will try to provide the most detailed information. My cGPA: 3.39 Year 1: 3.03 Year 2: 3.31 Year 3: 3.29 Year 4: 3.86 Year 5: 3.90 Full course load (10 courses per year every year) Recent/best 2 years: 3.88 (88% for Western? Can I confirm that I take the midpoint of the range of the GPA for Western? i.e. A+ would be 95% as the range is 90%-100%) I also have a 1 year course-based MSc. with a GPA of 3.85 (4 courses) I don't have a biochem prerequsite so I registered for
  6. Hi, I am thinking of starting second undergrad after I finish my MSc this August. Although my last two years GPA isn't too bad (although not stellar - 3.88), my cGPA is low (~3.4) and I am unsure if I will do well on my MCAT (writing this Aug). So I thought I should maybe start a second undergrad to increase my chance and I was wondering if I apply after my 1st and 2nd year of second undergrad, would I be considered undergrad applicant or grad applicant? (I would have conferred my MSc. degree by the time of application but would be in second undergrad) It seems like there may b
  7. Hi, I am currently doing a 1-year MSc and I am considering doing a second undergrad after completing MSc to increase my chance in getting into NOSM. Here's my mark break down (I did a 5th year prior to graduation to increase my GPA): 1st year - 3.06 2nd year - 3.31 3rd year -3.29 4th year - 3.86 5th year - 3.90 cGPA - 3.39 2 most recent/best year - 3.88 Ottawa wGPA - 3.79 Toronto wGPA - 3.77 As NOSM looks at cGPA, even with a 0.2 boost from the MSc., the GPA doesn't seem so competitive. I understand that as a mature student (>25), only the second undergrad cGPA will
  8. Hi I am currently doing 1-year course-based MSc. and will be graduating in August this year. I will be writing MCAT in May. I am hoping to apply to medical school this coming cycle. I was just wondering if I should start second undergrad instead of finding full-time job after graduating MSc. this year. Here are the break down of my undergrad GPA (I did an extra year before graduating to increase my GPA): 1st year - 3.06 2nd year - 3.31 3rd year -3.29 4th year - 3.86 5th year - 3.90 cGPA - 3.39 2 most recent/best year - 3.88 Ottawa wGPA - 3.79 Toronto wGPA - 3.77
  9. It says it takes about 6~8 weeks for the score to be released. If I were to apply for next application cycle (entering in 2015) would I be able to use the DAT written in Nov 2014? (since the application is due in Dec 2014) Thanks in advance!
  10. Yum~ that sounds delicious!
  11. Hi, I will be starting a course-based masters in September and I am hoping to apply to U of T for this cycle. I had a few questions regarding wGPA for graduate student: 1. Can a graduate student qualify for a wGPA if all the undergraduate years are full-time? 2. If I did a 5th year before graduating, do I get to eliminate 5 full-year course marks (10 semester course marks)? 3. After eliminating 10 lowest semester course marks, my wGPA works out to be 3.73. It seems like almost everyone who is accepted a GPA >3.80. I am aware that there are grad students who were accepted wit
  12. Hi, I went on OMSAS to set up an account for this application cycle. On the "Create Account" page, I filled out all the necessary information (I got the green check marks for all the requirements) and click "Create Account" and it would not direct me to the next page. It would appear as though I have not filled out the challenge answer and passwords. Is it just me or is it happening to anyone else? I am wondering if I should contact OMSAS. Thank you in advance!
  13. Hi, I just graduated last June and I am hoping to apply to Dal this application cycle. From the website, it says that they look at two recent years for GPA calculation for those that haven't yet graduated and also for those that have graduated, there is an option of looking at three recent years. I did a 5th year and my two recent year average up to be 3.88 but unfortunately my 3rd year (which will be included if I take three recent years) is subpar (3.3) If you are applying after you graduate, can you use only two recent years or do you have to use three? Thank you so much i
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