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  1. I charge QC IM billing codes. Quite lucrative.
  2. I've been moonlighting in an STI clinic + covering weeks of ID service in a community hospital for many months. Great learning. Great money.
  3. Ca te prendrait 2 sessions avec des cote R de 38. Donc, peu probable.
  4. NM is rather "big" in Quebec. Nucleists got their hands on PET/CT and for historical reasons, a lot of nuclear tests are being done where a non-nuclear test would be done outside of Quebec. For example, a lot of Quebc trained clinicians order Bone & Gallium scans for bone infections where an MRI would be ordered elsewhere....
  5. All students, residents, fellows and attendings should deserve at least 15 minutes to take some time off and/or eat something every 4 to 6 hours. Even on ICU or a busy consultation service or surgical service, there is no excuse.
  6. In the vast majority of the cases, no, it changes nothing. Research background can be obtained during the MD degree and extra training can be done (M.Sc) during or after residency.
  7. Public or private, it doesn't matter. I suggest you chose a CEGEP based on proximity of your home . Maisonneuve, Bois-De-Boulogne, Marianopolis, Bréboeuf will all give you the chance you need to succeed. Good luck.
  8. You need to be certified in the specialty you moonlight in. PGY4-5-6 in Internal Medicine subspecialties hold a specialty certification in Internal Medicine.
  9. Depends of the province. In Quebec, most make more than $400k mostly because of dual ID - Medical Microbiology certification and additional lab stipend income.
  10. We all get 4% (suppose to be retroactive from March I believe). If you work on a COVID unit, you should get an additional 4%. Got an extra 100$ this week. ; it's about 25$ every week.
  11. After all taxes/deductions, you get an extra 100$ / 2 weeks every year.
  12. Maisonneuve était un très beau milieu d'apprentissage ! Je te souhaite la meilleure des chances :-)
  13. I agree with the job market being quite good at the moment. You can PM me your questions if you want.
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