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  1. Hey guys, As you may have heard me say before I am in the midst of completing my second UG degree. All my courses thus far have been A+ and I am in the midst of finishing up another one - and for some reason I'm not sure what it is I don't get in animal behaviour but I am sitting at a 65%. There is no way to change the mark - I have tried everything. Would it be more appropriate to withdraws and swallow the tuition?? It's a mixture of a horrible prof and my inability to know the subject Cheers
  2. Hi all, I am writing today to get some feedback, I feel as though I have hit a crossroad with regards to my future in medicine and I want to hear about what everyone else thinks about my situation. It’s difficult to talk to my friends and family, because all their opinions are biased - of course I am 26 years old: I graduated in 2010 from UBC with BKIN with the following GPAs:1st yr - 3.24 2nd yr - 2.97 3rd yr - 3.19 4th yr - 3.59 I realized I needed a second UG degree and began one in 2012 at UBC - for that year I received a GPA of 3.9 I moved back to Ontario in 2013, and ha
  3. I too got an email for interview invite! does anyone know how many people are interviewed? good luck everyone!
  4. Hey there, Thanks for the info! A full course load is not too much - I have taken 6 years of them it's just the school I am going to and the timing I have left (TRU allows you to start at any point in the year that's all!) Cheers
  5. Hi all, I don't know if any of you have finished online courses before - but I am having trouble deciding if I should just power down and get through each course in a week/two weeks - then write the exam - continue with the next... Or take them all at the same time (space out my time) and have an exam period of all five at once? Has anyone ever experimented. All I know is that when I look at the big picture of 21 assignments and 5 final exams is so daunting...I am hoping to finish before May 30. My original plans of April (so I am applicable for western) were just not doable
  6. I apologize Dark GHOST for the screw up on your name, I am really sorry! Thank you again for all the useful information you've provided It was quite helpful!
  7. So essentially the moral of the story is = if I don't complete the 30 credits by the end of this school year - it will not be used towards my GPA (for Western only) Thanks Darkhorse - the thought of more schooling (I am on my second UG degree now) is frightening - but it's al good advice!! JDR
  8. Thank you so much for the info! So I definately have a full year that makes the cut offs - but in order for this year to be eligible - I would then HAVE to complete all 30 credits between Sept and April correct? Thanks so much Dark Horse
  9. Can you please give me information regarding what they will use for my GPA? For example - I completed a 4 year BKin degree (all full time studies) at UBC in 2010 and am not trying to complete BGS degree - my first year is full time (at UBC) and my second year (I had to transfer to TRU) is currently being completed - I am trying my hardest to finish the 30 credits prior to April 30th 2014. Can you tell me exactly what will be used for GPA calculation if I do not complete 30 credits by April 30th 2014? I have tried to email UWO themselves but have been waiting FOREVER for a respon
  11. Thanks so much for your quick reply silenceofthelambs - I really really appreciate it - I can feel the knots loosening in my stomach. However from reading it - I have learned that I mustn't have a full understanding of the second undergraduate degree policies. I should mention right off the bat that my first degree isn't all 90's! Quite the opposite: UBC: 1st year: 77.3% (3.24) 2nd year: 72.4% (2.97) 3rd year: 75.1% (3.19) 4th year: 81.9% (3.49) Cumulative = 3.22 1st year (UBC): 91.4% (3.97) 2nd year (TRU): thus far gaining all 90's in assignments and courses I have c
  12. Hi all, I am in the midst of my second year of my second degree at TRU and I am TRYING my hardest to finish 27 credits by the end of April. I am writing three finals in March and then 5 in April. I also have two other courses with final projects. I made a mistake earlier on in the year and worked way more than I should have, because for some stupid reason - I completely messed up the dates and thought I had to have completed 30 credits before June 30th (I got messed up with my application to NOSM) NOT April 30th. I can't have worked this hard and have this year not count at
  13. Has anyone completed 27 credits/9 full courses in a three month time span? Is it even a possibility...
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