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  1. Hi everyone, I'm applying to Internal and Family medicine this year. I was unable to secure a CTU elective at my school (it's a very popular elective) I was wondering if anyone had advice on what to do in this situation and if anyone matched to Internal without doing CTU electives? So far: I have 1. Family Medicine (ROMP) x 4 weeks 2. Internal Medicine - Rheumatology x 2 weeks 3. Internal Medicine - Geriatrics x 2 weeks 4. Internal Medicine - Endocrinology x 2 weeks 5. Family Medicine - General x 2 weeks
  2. Thanks for doing this. I just finished my internal medicine rotation and surprisingly had a really good time on it. I was wondering if you had any recommendations for Internal Medicine electives and what was your elective split?
  3. Hey guys, I recently completed a clerkship rotation (Emergency Medicine), and my evaluation was "Meets Expectations" throughout. It is a specialty I'm interested in, but I'm not sure if it's worth asking for a letter if my evaluation was "Meets Expectation" even though I may be interested in the specialty, but wouldn't it look weird applying for Emergency Medicine if I don't use a core letter?
  4. Let's say you're interested in Surgery but don't vibe with your preceptor for 8 weeks Well, it's going to look bad not having a letter from your core rotation, and they can make or break your application by writing a "mediocre" reference letter for you That's what is scary for me about CARMS
  5. Internal Medicine is not just an extra 3 years in residency, it is a grueling 3 years and with the stress (maybe a bit less) of matching to a subspecialty for CARMS
  6. Does anyone know how the match works for these specific sites? Are all UofT applicants lumped into 1 pool, and then just matched to a site based on their ranking or is there a separate ranking process for the Barrie/Newmarket streams specifically? According to CARMS, attendance at only 1 Interview & Information Session is required if you apply to 1 or more of the three geographic streams: GTA, Barrie or Newmarket, or Rural. I'm assuming if it's 1 interview for all applicants, people who do electives at Barrie/Newmarket are not at any advantage compared to those who do elect
  7. 100% agree, internal seems very interesting, but looking at the residents - most of them admit that residency is the worst years of your life. I'm sure it's worth it in the end, but don't know if 5 years of working hard and 80 hour weeks is worth it?
  8. Thank you this is very helpful. Definitely something I want to consider in the future ($150/month is definitely worth it in my opinion).
  9. Interesting, as I thought most disability policies only replace a certain portion of your income and for a certain # of years. Do you know how much the monthly premium would be, say if you're in the early stages of your career?
  10. Scotiabank doesn't convert it to a professional line of credit? Is the professional line of credit available to you indefinitely after residency at prime - 0.25%?
  11. Wait - so you actually get $25000 per month simply by paying disability premiums (I'd assume the premiums is a couple hundreds per month) until age 65?
  12. Wow so OMA really pays you until you're 65 if you become disabled and can't work as a doctor anymore? I always thought disability insurance only paid out for a few years
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