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  1. Inflation. This is why in the low interest world we lived in over the last 10 years, it makes a lot of sense to go with a longer mortgage. Halfway through your career, you will notice your mortgage payments are easy as pie to make. Also amazed that anyone can spend $2K per month discretionary with the budget you've presented.
  2. It is a horrible exam because you have no time whatever to type your thoughts and nuances. Only professional typists would win here. Maybe a few outlines terms from Doing Right? But you would already have these memorized. Just surrender yourself to the surreal process that is casper.
  3. Good question. I would assume their CAC program is a bit of an oddball and couldn't support another two, but opportunistically would be very handy and effcient if they could retain those trainees after.
  4. Hello all, just wondering if anyone has opinions (or general ranting) on best balance for price vs long term usefulness with dermatoscopes as a full service GP? I am taking the M1 dermoscopy CME at St. Pauls this year and need to finally pony up and buy one. I am thinking about the dermlite 3 carbon because it will do contact and non-contact. The DL1 looks a little small and chintzy, though it would be nice to hook up to a phone for photos.
  5. Anatomical Pathology: Pathology: Memorial, Ottawa, Queens, McGill, Calgary (Gen & AP), Manitoba, Dalhousie, Western, Toronto, Alberta (Gen Path & AP), UBC, McMaster (Gen & AP)Anesthesiology: NOSM, Ottawa, USask, Calgary, Western, Queen's, UBC, McMaster, Dalhousie, MUN, Manitoba, Toronto, Alberta, UdeMontréal, McGill, ULavalCardiac Surgery: McGillDermatology: Alberta, Calgary, Toronto, McMaster, Ottawa, McGill, UBC, Dalhousie, Laval, Montréal, SherbrookeDiagnostic Radiology: McGill, Queen's, Calgary, MUN, Dalhousie, UBC, Manitoba, Western, Alberta, Toronto, McMaster, Saskatchewan, M
  6. As a current med student: I don't think you can possibly underestimate amount of disorganization and lack of execution in a med school office...
  7. The thinking was -probably only for trauma or minor procedures done in an urgent care or rural ED. In retrospect, a lot of the techniques could be learned on my own anyways. In talking to my advisor, I'm told having this many 'lifestyle' specialty elective looks suspicious for some applying family, so I'll probably spend more time on family and internal electives.
  8. I'm interested in the same advice as OP, but with a Family Rural residency in mind. (CCFP-EM or CCFP-FPA are potentials down the road) So far I've come up with: Radiology Anesth Derm Plastics (rural site) Ultrasound Do these make sense? Any advice from other primary care folks? Thank-you!
  9. Absolutely no 'multi-red-flags'. The person asked if THEY would get a red flag for someone else's behavior. Even if the wrong person was identified, it would be handled with the weight and context of it being a large group of people. I.e. it would get thrown out as a red flag unless the applicant had other serious red flags during interviews.
  10. I'm thinking of the small groups rooms where you have 10 people around tables. I guess I didn't really mean obnoxious, but I suppose I was thinking of something ridiculous like a widescreen movie-viewing laptop - might just be annoying to lug around or position out of the way when you're doing small group stuff. (Although tons of dota players, so maybe you DO want a gaming laptop ) I wouldn't worry too much about your choice - probably the biggest thing will be getting a good software setup so you can efficiently write over pdfs and ppts, or somehow encapsulate all the notes you'll be summari
  11. You'll almost exclusively be in a lecture hall that has long, continuous desks or else you'll be at small session tables. The tables are where an obnoxiously large computer might be annoying to lug around. I had a laptop for all of my academic career, and actually stopped using laptops for notes entirely in my first year med. I would suggest buying after your first few weeks of school so you have an idea of your needs given the context. Most people hadn't sorted out SP3s vs. paper vs. MacBooks until October.
  12. Renoir

    On Podcasts...

    Really been enjoying "The Orbital Mechanics" - podcast about spaceflight, rockets, SpaceX, and such. It's pretty accessible since neither of the guys are rocket engineers
  13. Have faith! I didn't think I had a steamin' poop's chance last year Hope to see you in September - until then, forget about all this stressful mess and enjoy the beginning of your summer! As for the 480 - have to have overbooking to the nines to cover all the people who turn down spots (and red flagged folks, etc). Dr. Walker talked about this issue a lot with Calgary's policy of interview spots/invites/waitlist... good reading if you have the chance!
  14. Yesssss. Sudden urge to go to Niagra or Japan at this moment. I have ignored this forum at my peril. Your spoon post reminded me of my fave: We should go tradesies on recent playlists soon. I am in need of study muzak.
  15. Some annoying teenagers usurp rebelliously. Definitely amorous Y-chromosomes.
  16. Yep, I read this too. What a sad case where cultural literacy and sensitivity might have helped avoid this whole schmozzle. Not that I agree with the mother's decision, but all HCWs need to be on board with being consultants to patients. The more people feel respected, the more likely we are to have good decision-making and outcomes.
  17. I heard you could put it on silent, and then you're finished med school way faster.
  18. Yep, echoing that, some of our colleagues have described it as like painting a house - try to get an ok coat the first time around, but don't worry, you're going to have to put a few more coats on again (related lectures throughout pre-clinical, clinicals, OSCE, standardized pts, LMCC study, specialty-specific residency stuff) before you're in practice.
  19. I don't think "complicated" would be appropriate. It's important to be able to identify main concepts and that sort of thing, but you aren't going to have to know how to calculate an ANOVA by hand or something like that. Basic stats applied to biology papers should be fine - not supertechnical biochem journals either.
  20. I've found lots on ebay (expired) for less than a buck each. There was also website like "expiredsutures" or something like that that sold them for cheap cheap I don't know about you eastern folks, but our clubs put on tons of suturing sessions in 1/2 year, so it's nearly unnecessary to buy any suture or kits...
  21. They usually don't give you that until after the first month of 1st year. After that THEY OWN YOU MUHAHAHA
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