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  1. Can anyone speak to the lifestyle, work satisfaction, compensation of FM-trained hospitalists? Did your FM residency train you well enough to work comfortably as a hospitalist? How many hours per week do you work? Do you have an on/off schedule (e.g. 1 week on 1 week off)? What's your compensation like? In BC, hospitalists earn $150/hr (full-time is 1690 hours/year). Do you work solely as a hospitalist, or do you also work in a clinic during your non-hospitalist time? ty
  2. I'm a Canadian studying in America. There's so much doom-and-gloom shit talk about primary care specialties here. "Don't do FM, because they work too hard for too little money" is the prevailing sentiment. Is this the case in Canada? Have recent billing changes (e.g. the incentive program in BC) made FM more desirable? Disclaimer: To the "are you only in it for the money?" Nazis: of course fucking not.
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