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  1. hey muse. Does your podiatrist work at a hospital or does he have a clinic? And how would ortho surgeons compare with podiatrists. Would they do the same foot related surgeries?
  2. Sorry if the answer to my next Q is obvious but, Where do podiatrists normally work in Canada? In Hospitals like MDs or do they just open their own clinics like a FM would do? Also, how's the salary for CDN Podiatrists? I looked at some sites, and it seems to be high in the US, wonder how its like in Canada....
  3. hey thanks for the reply. But i wrote Chiropody, not chiropractic. I belive chiropody also deals with the foot(just like podiatry).
  4. Hey guys! Totally off topic from anything on this forum, but here I go. I was having a conversation with my uncle in the US who is a podiatrist. And I got kind of interested in what he does (foot surgery). So i decided to investigate podiatry in Canada. From what I read, I think there is no such thing as podiatry in Canada, but rather its chiropody? Im kind of confused, because my uncle said he did four years of UG, then went to a four year Podiatric medicine school, then did residency. Are US Podiatrists like doctors? Because in Canada, if im not mistaken you can be a chiropodist alm
  5. Hey guys, can anyone from York biomed tell me if physics grade 12 is mandatory in order to take a physics course in biomed at york? Meaning, would I have to take a "catch up" kinda course first year then get into the "real" physics course?? Also, how tough would you say the first year physics course is anyway? Thanks for the insight !
  6. Hey guys ! I was just wondering if anyone could give me some details about first year courses at york kine. (specifically kine 1023 and 1000..i believe) Btw. im referring to the Kine BSc. Any advice about the courses, profs? Also, I was just wondering, are the first year kine courses, the ones i mentioned above, are they like essay based or what? Cuz i read the description and they seem to be more along the lines of social science courses, feels like that. Any idea?? Thanks, Stressbot
  7. hey...and just to make sure...1.0 credit is a full year long course?
  8. Hey guys ! Just wondering...when I search up some potential American Med and dental schools, they all say " 6-8 semester hours of ----" for the pre reqs. What exactly does tht mean?
  9. Hey juba. If you dont mind me asking, what was your gpa??
  10. Hey guys. Just browsing around and i noticed this awesome post http://premed101.com/forums/showthread.php?t=41762 I was wondering if anyone in York Kine could provide such a detailed post about their first year I would be cool, but just saying
  11. Thanks for the help once again Leap87. Ps. So is it extremely hard to do well in Mr. Smith's class? lol i hope not
  12. Hey...um does anyone have like the Pdf file for the highschool exercise science textbook. Cuz that would be great, I could just read over it in the summer. (So i wont be totally clueless, come first day of kine. classes)
  13. Thanks alot everyone ! I guess I'll just go, and hope I can grasp the material fairly quick, even without having prior knowledge of exercise science. Because another year is totally useless for me, just for exercise science.
  14. Hey guys ! Just a quick question. I plan on going to the York Kine. BSc program next year. But the thing is, I have not taken exercise science this year. Would i be at a great disadvantage? Because exercise science seems to be kind of what kine. is all about. However, I did not take exercise science because of scheduling conflicts. So What do you guys think? Would i be disadvantaged, or does it not really matter? Any advice. Please. Hopefully someone in Kine BSc can help me?!
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