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  1. Thanks for the input, I know GPs can do the +1 to then work in emergency departments, can an anesthetist take part in something similar ? I know its not an anesthesia fellowship like regional, O&G, ICU, chronic pain- but if +1 year of training for a GP allows them to work in emerg departments, can something like this be true likewise for anesthesia? Anyone got any leads of people who would know about anything like this ?
  2. Hi everyone, Just got matched to an anesthesia program! I'm terribly excited I'm having to pick my electives now and I've been thinking for a while that I would like to work in the ED and as an Anesthestist in the future. I'm wondering if possible, will I be able to meet the royal college emergency medicine requirements by taking my electives in required rotations? Anyone done this before or know anything 'bout it?
  3. Anyone hear anything? Anesthesia was pretty competitive this year I've heard.
  4. Thanks- just curious to see how the match was this year.
  5. Anyone know when the CaRMS statistics will be released? Cheers.
  6. Keep your mind on other things, focusing on that will not change it and will just build up a lot of tension and anxiety in you. Pick-up a new series to watch to blow by the next 4 days maybe ?
  7. Looks like we're sweating it out till next week
  8. I've applied to both and also not been withdrawn from the NRMP, still waiting to hear.
  9. Thanks for the heads up lazyboy. Damn, I was hoping they would let me know if they pulled from the US match. I don't like how its happening either, I would love to take my shot at some of the top US schools before falling back on some Canadian backups but that's just not possible.
  10. My Background: I've applied to Canada and the US ( a difficult and expensive proposition) finished several Canadian and US interviews. Just completed both my Canadian and US rank lists and submitted 'em. Put into CaRMS that I'm participating in the NRMP match and the reverse in the NRMP. What I'm wondering is what happens next? If I match in Canada on March 5th when does the NRMP tell me I've been pulled from the match? Cheers & Thanks- Thio
  11. Hi everyone, I was wondering if during the first year of family medicine- or any other speciality, it's possible to apply to the American match and if successful leave your current residency program? I'm asking because if I happen to get one of my backup choices and I'm still keen on the more competitive speciality I have in mind I'd like to try and transfer into it after first year or get a spot for it in America. Many thanks!
  12. Those are some awesome ideas and outlines for ethically related questions, good stuff !
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