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  1. I want to apply to Ontario pathology programs, but your words make me doubtful of applying to Mac. Where did you hear this info? PM me if you are uncomfortable posting it.
  2. 1. To live and work in Toronto. This is the most important thing. 2. To manage my own practice, or join a partnership, without having any academic appointments or obligations ie no research. Do pathologists even do this? 3. To do some clinical work like skin biopsies, bronchs, GI, FNA etc. Again is this possible for a pathologist? If it is possible, what program would set me up best for this. What ones should I avoid. If I can't do these things I'm picking another field to apply to.
  3. Does anyone have any information regarding my question? PM me if you don't want to post. Thanks.
  4. I am interested in anatomic pathology and want to know which programs are good. This year, the following non-french universities did not fill: memorial mcmaster alberta Are there any problems with these programs? Please PM me if you dont want to post. Thank you.
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