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  1. dont meant to jack this thread, but I dont see a sticky for what are my chances in here. I am a graduate of the university of toronto (molecular biology) in 2011 and I did a second undergraduate at York (health studies) and graduated in 2014. My uft marks are pretty abysmal, cGPA was 2.71 (one tough year really messed me up ) and york is better. CGPA is a 3.35, with my last two years at 3.37 and 3.547 respectively. I have to rewrite my MCAT which I am doing this october and I will be doing my masters in Global Health at Mcmaster. I know Queens will consider grad students who may not make
  2. ok so i just got into york as well for a second degree for psychology however, but im in the same boat I got 90 transfer credits and now need to decide on course selection. the problem im having is that for my program i need to take a bunch of second year credits in order to take any of the fourth years! the 3000 level i can take does anyone know if i can get special permission to take any of the fourth years, or would i be ok taking 3 3000 level psychs this year with a few 2000 level courses and then taking 4000 next year?
  3. i agree if you have a good shot at a canadian or U.S medical school go for it, take the time to get in there, it will work out much better for you! if need be apply again this year but before you do take the time to work on strengthing your application! caribbean should be your last option mate!
  4. wow everyone i do appreciate all the quick responses simpy you do make an excellent point, so in order to clarify, the major problem i suffered during my undergrad years, had to do with my self confidence in myself, i would study exceptionally hard for example, and if i didnt do well in a course, id become so frustrated that i didnt do well, i would a) stop going to that course all together or lessen my studying for the course, like wise if i didnt like a course structure or such i woul do the same thing. i took that failure really hard. so instead of looking at why i didnt do well, w
  5. so if i can post this here, id like to get people's feed back on this topic. I just graduated from UfT and i know right now that my gpa wont get me to any medical schools here, right now im hovering at a 3.0 cGPA and my best two years havent been above a 3.7 so yeah thats the reality. A lot of it has to do with taking a very demanding course load when i should have eased off mostly due to being over ambitious, and lack of motivation. My MCAT score is a 24Q. I am determined to realize my goal to be a physician and I am prepared to work as hard as it takes and do whatever it takes to get there,
  6. ok so for anyone interested on in a situation like mine, I called Uottawa med today, staff truly is wonderful! and she explained exactly what would happen. Ok so scenario 1 Since I am doing a fifth year at UfT and im doing 4.5 courses this year while every other year was 5.0 (a full course load) If i wanted to apply to ottawa with only this degree I would have to either take a .5 course in the summer or take it in another academic year (i.e special year at UfT) Scenario 2: I am going to York do a second degree, so once I am in my final year at York and have a full course load
  7. deliciousmelon thanks for the reply much appreciated! i will definately be giving them a call tomorrow!!
  8. Guys i have a question, I am doing a fifth year at UfT and I am about to graduate, I did a full course load all year but this year as im doing 4.5 this year i have to drop a course due to it affecting my GPA. I am planning to go to York for a second degree thatll take two years too complete. I just dont know if by not taking a full course load if fifth year how will ottawa consider my GPA am i still eligible to apply? will they skip my last year at UfT and look at my fourth year at Uft in conjuction with two years at york? help!!
  9. im curious as well im applying to michener for respiratory therapy any insights as to how that fairs when it comes to med school apps?
  10. garret thanks for your reply, do you know if for the AQ you need a full courseload aka 5 full credits per year or 30 credits etc.
  11. Hey Guys, Im about to embark on a second degree in ontario so im OOP in case anyone was interested and I just wanted to know if anyone knew how UBC looked at a second degree in terms of AQ and NAQ. thanks
  12. hey so first of all dont be so hard on yourself. youve gone through a lot here and take this as a learning experience so that you can grow and become a better student and eventually a better doctor so be positive and keep focused. I just want to point out something that a 75% average for nursings at UT and York is a 3.0 not a 3.2. So in fact your last five credits would make you competitive enough for consideration. So i would say go ahead and apply! also are you sure you are not able to transfer because again at YORK for example the minimum needed to transfer is a cGPA of 2.0 (C+) and fo
  13. it seems to me that your mind is set to go to the caribbean so i dont really get why this post is still up, but you have consider if your brother in laws friends were american or canadians who got residencies. Generally its more difficult as a canadian to get a U.S residency when you dont have a green card. My two cents on this is that you are in first year its way to early for you to assume you wont get in here cause the truth is you simply dont know that. You know that some schools here look at your best two years, and that you can apply to the U.S after. I think that the risk is less by
  14. im not to sure about doing both but being an undergrad doing ft undergrad while doing ur phd seems like itll be near impossible to commit to both dont u think. just thinkin about that time wise
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