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  1. don't know about your EC's. do well on your mcat!
  2. I met another surgical resident who was doing the same thing (yay FM!). I believe the individual contacted the PD and the PD told the individual to do electives first in FM on site before transferring.
  3. apparently you get reimbursed for carms at u of t.
  4. feel like with mac (3 year school), you need to know what you want from the get-go. you may have less time to decide about specialty choices.
  5. tough choice, but given the scholarships + lower cost of staying (travel, moving, finding a place to live. all very good life experience but costly) + family support, I would stay in BC. as mentioned above, you could probably have similar opportunities as you would have in Hamilton if you push yourself . why don't you visit hamilton and decide for yourself (very diff city)!
  6. reviving an old thread.....it was a beast this year
  7. it appears there will be a new pass score. http://mcc.ca/examinations/mccqe-part-i/scoring/
  8. dent. because there is no residency. can work after 4 years, good life style. you can do residency later if you want to (ie. OMF?)
  9. drawback: need to buy extra keyboard. limited storage space (depends which version you buy). it doesn't completely replace a laptop, but so useful for reading i find
  10. montreal gazette and french media?
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