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  1. Hey all, Just curious - how competitive are the ID and endocrinology subspecialties? Also, for those who are in the IM program...besides research what else can be done to be a good applicant for these programs? Thanks!
  2. Hey all, I'm looking for a pair of plano/non-prescription glasses for a friend. Does anyone know a place in Toronto that sells them cheap (ie lenses and frames for under $100 ) ? Lol, she needs them just to wear as an accessory - not prescription. Thanks
  3. Hey all, Just wondering - does anyone know of a place in the GTA that sells labcoats? The ones they give us in hospital are way too big for me and i'd like to get one that actually looks a bit feminine and professional - I once saw a physician wearing a grey's anatomy coat that had a nice fit but I have no idea where to find these. Any ideas?
  4. You should re-write There are going to be so many exams that you will have to write going forward this is just one....its worth it because it will change the course of your life. You have everything else right so you need to do this. I re-wrote it 3 times and ya I was exhausted as well....but it worked out in the end. People have written that exam 5-6 times! So its okay rewrite!!
  5. Hello everyone, For those who were successful on the LMCC could you please discuss how you studied? I was unsuccessful and will now have to rewrite amidst residency in the fall. I didn't do any questions and was using TO Notes to study the whole time -I'm thinking of buying the Canada Q bank this time. Thanks for the help! Its nerve wracking to have to rewrite this thing!
  6. Hi all, I applied for FM and IM and received interview invites from 4 FM schools in Ontario and almost all the IM schools across the country. I'm thinking of just attending my in-province IM and FM interviews - that would be a total of 9 interviews - is that safe to play? the OOP IM interviews are clashing with my schedule at present and im afraid im going to be exhausted if I actually attend all those - can people comment on the level of exhaustion and how that played in during interviews (esp if you applied to 2 specialties)?
  7. Hey folks, Soooo several of the individuals who agreed to write me reference letters still haven't submitted them - its kinda nerve wracking. For those who have been through CaRMS when did you start sending "friendly reminders" and all that? Its been over a month of many of the referees that I spoke with and who agreed to write me letters and yet none of them have submitted the letters yet - is it unreasonable to send them a friendly reminder email this coming weekend of November? Thanks!!
  8. Hi all, I'm a female 4 th year med student looking to rent a place from Sept 14-Nov 1 or from Sept 28-Nov 1 I would prefer to be near TGH. I would prefer the place to myself because I like my privacy. I'm very neat and respectful of others space. Please PM me if you have a place available in either of those time frames! Thank you.
  9. Hey all, I'm trying to decide between doing an ICU elective at VGH (title of this thread should read ICU not CTU for UBC!!) in Vancouver versus a GiM elective in Calgary. Has anyone done an elective in these specialties at either of those schools? Any particular reasons I should choose one over the other ?
  10. Start learning to play fair - its one mark. And learn from this mistake. I got a similar mark in a course which was supposed to be a bird course at UofT. I deserved that mark though because i put little effort in the course. LESSON LEARNED - after that I never took a course which i wasnt interested in just because it was a bird course and did all my elective courses in things i enjoyed. Life goes on, its one mark and it wont haunt you if you do your best in the other courses.
  11. Hey! As someone who has been through the grueling process of undergrad and then somehow (its a miracle these days) gotten into medicine I will tell you this - Don't do a second undergrad unless you really want to and/or are hoping to switch fields (ie some of my friends did a nutrition undergrad after doing a HSc undergrad at UofT bc they wanted to change their fields. Another common one was nursing). Evaluate yourself as a candidate - and evaluate your life & your options. This is very difficult to do. Talk to people who are genuinely interested in your academic future and want
  12. Forgot to post the link to the add - http://hamilton.kijiji.ca/c-ViewAd?AdId=578569878&link=viewad_578569878&/?&utm_source=upsell%2Bengine&utm_medium=email&utm_content=english&utm_campaign=template%2B-%2B1&mpch=ads
  13. Hello all, For those who are looking for accommodation walking distance to McMaster, check out the add below! Please note, in order to maintain a safe environment for all residents - it's imperative that those interested in living here are studious & focused females. Beautiful House in EXCELLENT condition! MUST SEE! 2 common living areas, 5 spacious bedrooms, beautiful outdoors deck & backyard, big driveway for tenants parking, eat-in kitchen & 2 full bathrooms. Walking distance to McMaster University & nearby restaurants/grocery. Heat, Water, Electricity, AC,
  14. You aren't screwed OP. I know of people in much more terrible positions. Really, have faith, do your best (and you are your own best judge of that). And just relax. Take a deep breath. Don't let life pass you by. As a third year medical student I can tell you - there is a lot more to life than school. Do your best. You will be amazed at your own abilities at times. And remember your rougher days so when you do get into medical school you aren't cocky. Stay humble & work hard. There is no way that philosophy can let you down.
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