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  1. anyone still on waitlist hear back??
  2. When are rejections usually sent out to the people still left on the waitlist? Anyone know when Toronto's sent those out in the past?
  3. For those of you who got offers yesterday off the waitlist, when is the deadline to accept?
  4. Congrats guys! It must feel amazing! Do you think it's safe to assume that the bulk of waitlist offers were sent out today(from now on it depends on waitlist offers being declined?)
  5. So if I understand this correctly: -most waitlist offers will go out late may-mid June after deadline for initial offers -then sometime late June a shortened waitlist will be made (does anyone know roughly when we should expect to receive regrets/shortened waitlist notifications?) Its only been a few days but this taking a toll, really need to find a way to take my mind off of this!!
  6. Hey guys, got wait listed here. Just wondering if anyone can give some insight on u of t wait list, and what I should expect of my chance of admission moving forward. Thanks
  7. Waitlisted 3.91GPA, 5th Year 34Q Research Heavy ecs Felt Comfortable With interview, The waiting game continues..
  8. Invite! Interview Date: March 23rd Time Stamp- 1:40 PM PST cGPA- 3.82 wGPA- 3.91 MCAT- 12p 9v 13 Q ECs- mostly research Year-5th year UG Essay- worked very hard on them, glad they liked it!
  9. im just curious, once everyone meets their respective cutoffs, is everyone evaluated equally? or are there more seats for in province vs oop? thanks
  10. are you guys practicing this weekend as well? myself and some others are interested in joining
  11. Wondering if you could offer any insight on how you approached the interviews differently, anything in particular that you think may have made the difference? Thanks
  12. Your studying breakdown should be <20% reviewing lecture notes and >80% solving problems. If you do enough practice then exam questions will be second nature.
  13. If I was included as a co-author on a poster, but didnt present it at a conference, does that count as a publication that I can put down under research?
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