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  1. Yea not buying those all those numbers. The data from AHCIP is on point but fails to account for private/sessional/academic/contract payments accurately. The overhead numbers are self reports from a possible very small sample size (how many respirologists were surveyed?). Not sure if im supposed to believe this more because its the news says "leaked."
  2. Clearly haven't been around for the disaster that was MD 2018 results. Results came out over the course of an entire week (Mon-Fri) with people higher on the list informed earlier and rejects on the last day. Good luck folks!
  3. In Arts and Science you could take 7 courses max per term if you have an acceptable academic record. Certainly a good way to finish a 4 year degree in 3 years (or less with summer school) if you keen on getting your 120 CU for med requirements done earlier.
  4. Sweet thanks for the help guys! I will ask about the reduced interest rate. I have a meeting arranged with RBC on Monday. This doesn't quite apply since they claim that the reason they are not giving me the full 275k LOC is because my student loans are 120k rather than the "standard 60k." The fact that i have used 180k of the 200k available to me is not a factor. Even if i hadnt touched my LOC they would only give a max of 215k (275k-60k). I can pay off my government student loans right away but with only prime+2.5% for up to 14.5 years, I would rather invest it for higher elsew
  5. Less than prime? Hmm any link or anecdotes about how/if this can be achieved. Never heard of it personally.
  6. I am a proponent of investing in multiple sectors than a single one. Bubbles in specific areas burst more often than depressions. Not a fan of mutual funds since they have higher fees and i dont trust them not to get greedy/biased towards specific stocks. Rather invest in all sectors than risk volatility by investing in real estate only for just 10% returns. Anything that you put in the stock market you gotta be prepared to lose though. With 275k @ 2.75% (prime) the interest is ~$600 per month and i can sustain much more than that on a resident salary alone.
  7. Perfect will email my local RBC rep as well and see what i can get. I had a good background in finance from undergrad courses before that helped. However, my investment strategy was stupid simple as i dont think anyone can consistently beat the market unless they have access to insider information. Here is a link i found useful: http://canadiancouchpotato.com/about/ . Cliffs: RRSP: max out on it. Find out your contribution limit from CRA online. TFSA: see above. ETF: best option if you investing 50k+. My two main investments were Vanguard S&P (VFV) and BMO NASDAQ (ZQQ). The returns
  8. Just starting residency in FM in July. Currently have taken out 180k of my LOC through Scotia. I have 120k in student loans. All of the 180k i have taken out of my LOC has actually been passively reinvested in ETFs as i was going through medical school. So far i have made my 180k into around 300k. I was told that Scotia provides 75k additional LOC money for residency. However, after talking to my adviser today, he informed me that i only qualify for 15k since they assume an average of 60k of student loan debt and the 60k extra debt that i have (120-60) reduces my additional LOC amount proporti
  9. Definitely a couple dozen people have heard. The USask forums arent really active so most people dont post stats. I know of 2 people that have an account, were accepted but still havent posted
  10. 3rd Year, 95 Pretty disappointed in myself for failing in the first place but still glad it is over. P.S Exactly 3 years after my account creation
  11. Marks usually tend to go down the semester of the interview for me due interview prep and post-interview thoughts. I have also had semesters where there is almost a 5% gap in my marks so you aren't too far off. Just make sure you balance out hard/easy courses across semesters, aren't burning out and work harder for hard classes (as opposed to working equally hard in all classes). You have seen an improving trend in your marks so don't let it discourage you man. All the best for next week!
  12. "Fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me"... shame on me. Though i really wasn't as shocked as the other people here, just curious as to what they were asking about. Sent to everyone that interviewed babble. Call them up if you didn't receive it.
  13. ^Always hear that other schools do a better job; hope i don't get to find out. To be fair, its really hard to sell Sask over something like UBC and most of the class is just IP. Uh... yeah we have the most hours of sunshine (even at -35) and a small class size.
  14. That really doesn't sound bad Pink. I also had that moment when i walked out with the wrong bell but we just had a laugh about it. Your score probably wasn't even affected by those. What really pissed me off was that most of the questions were so vague. This seemed really different from last year. The questions just seemed too easy and really unsure as to whether i did relatively better. Edit: Doesn't really help that you quoted me below. Edit your post if you can.
  15. attentionwhore/10 Though i cant believe the poll results. Are we all just trolling the poll now for $hits and giggles? Thinking that transfering to Kin improves marks on average by 10%+ at the 90s level is just ridiculous. Brb 110%.
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