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  1. I'm looking for some advice on first-year medical school texts. I'm thinking about shelling out the extra cash for hardcover texts - in particular, I'm currently looking at Netter's Anatomy books, and am thinking I'll go with the professional edition instead of the softcover one. In my undergrad experience I found hardcover books held up better and were sturdier. Is this a fair statement, or would I just be wasting my money?
  2. Right now I'm finishing up my M.Sc in Mathematics (Biological Modeling). I've been researching mathematical models of human sleep/wake REM/NREM cycles. Never thought of A.I., but that would be pretty cool!
  3. Double Major: Applied Mathematics & Behavioural Neuroscience
  4. My experience was with MUN's School of Nursing - MUNSON - (which I will note is different from the Centre for Nursing Studies - CNS -, also in Newfoundland). While the programs are supposed to be identical, what I've heard is that the CNS is a wonderful school, and have a great program. My experience with MUNSON was the opposite. However, I know lots of people have gone through MUNSON and have said they had an awesome experience, unfortunately I wasn't one of them.
  5. I've never heard of people being "looked down on" for leaving half way through a second undergrad. I know people who have done it, and it was no biggie. Now, a graduate degree on the other hand, that usually causes bad feelings with the department you're leaving (especially if there was funding given).
  6. I'm so happy to hear that there are excellent nursing programs out there! I was afraid that what I experienced was the norm... and that would be awful! I completely agree that if provided a *proper* background in a nursing program, it is an excellent foundation. Like I said, I got a lot out of the clinical experiences, but little out of the courses (for example, it was very easy to get A's, and my GPA was a 4.0 in that program when I left). Congrats on graduating! My faith in nursing programs has been restored!
  7. I completed 2 years of a nursing degree as a second undergrad while I was waiting to get into medical school (the program was 4 years long). I found it not challenging and very unrewarding. I constantly wanted to delve deeper into my patients conditions and find out why specific treatments had been recommended... and I was always told that it didn't matter... that's what the doctors were for. Grr. I didn't get into medicine while I was in the nursing program, and I ended up leaving after 2 years because I was feed up with it, and had discovered nursing is no substitute for medicine (if tha
  8. I'm so happy that I can finally contribute a success story too! I had always intended to go to medical school, but after undertaking a very challenging undergrad program (double major in applied mathematics and behavioural neuroscience), I found myself with not exactly top grades. After not being accepted right away, I decided to start nursing, thinking it may be a good alternative... but I hated it! It was absolutely awful. How many times was I told "I'm sorry, that's what doctors do" or "it doesn't matter why, that's for the doctors to decide". So, after 2 years, I left the program.
  9. Newfoundland Resident - Accepted!! B.Sc - Behavioural Neuroscience & Applied Mathematics (double major) Did 2/4 years of Nursing School, and then left to do my M.Sc Undergrad GPA: 3.53 M.Sc - Mathematics: Biological Modeling (will finish August 13th) Graduate GPA: 3.40 MCAT: 27O (certainly not spectacular) EC: I've been involved with several charity groups and organizations for many years. I also found a unique volunteer placement at the hospital, and I shadowed a local family physician. I didn't get involved in anything abroad, all of my work was local. Thi
  10. I'm new to this site, but I've been accepted too! I'm in if you want to make a facebook group... I'd love to start finding out who's in our class!
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