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  1. diabetes and hashimotos arent going anywhere anytime soon
  2. i cant really feel a lot of sympathy for the top billers. pathologists have been on the sunshine list for years with their average physician salaries. its not even an option for them not to be on that list. nobody stood up for them then. nobodys standing up for them now. but lo and behold we are whining about top billers data being sacrosanct.
  3. Youre thinking idealistically and are coming across as holier than thou. that kind of attitude will get you sunk so quick in life. theres a big difference between working hard and working smart. undergrad is useless in medical school. its only purpose is to provide a gpa for applications. with that in mind, the smart move would be to take the easiest program with the least time spent on labs and class. you could spend your time working hard for that 4.0 in engineering, staying til six pm every day doing physics labs, or you could spend far less time in kinesiology for the
  4. the guy is being pragmatic. your advice is not particularly practical. hard degrees include hard arts, engineering etc. in my experience kinesiology is a bird degree that should get you a good gpa.
  5. Family, psych, FRCP (not CCFP) EM. Those are your choices. Pick one. Do not pick path. UHN and other hospital behemoths recruit foreign trained desperate pathologists who accept submarket salaries. the few private labs there, which pay fair fee schedule rates, are only accessible by word of mouth offers. Surgery too. You'll be doing locums and call until you get a spot somewhere, and even then you'll probably have to know someone or be hot.
  6. this is the truth. in the states there are standardized indicators of competitiveness. flying around sucking up to program directors isnt really a thing there outside of derm. canada has it ass backwards. dont let thinking you need to do electives in the usa stop you from applying. you dont need to do electives to match there. its not like canada. its more reasonable and overall a better system. i hope more canadian medical students go to the usa for spite. we are so spineless tolerating this bullshit
  7. Success: do field not attached to hospital budgets (avoid all surg, rad onc, path).take usmles.
  8. Just another friendly plug for taking the USMLEs.
  9. This is the best advice. If you're going to do neurosurg, ace the USMLEs and apply to the states. Otherwise I would recommend avoiding any hospital based fields. Instead, consider psych, derm, family, emerg, or something along those lines. Do not consider surgeries or pathology, and be wary of rad onc.
  10. There are two significant caveats to your story: 1. You're in the Quebec system. It's a different game 2. Nobody knows what you look like. This is important in a subjective system. Your story is an exception.
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