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  1. Anatomical Pathology: MUN, QU, U of O, Western, McGill, Dal, Man, U of T, Mac, Alberta, U of C, UBC Anesthesiology: NOSM, U of O, S, Sherbrooke, Western, QU, UBC, Man, U of T (IMG+CMG+CIP), MUN, Mon, Cal, Alberta, Dal, Mac, McGill Cardiac Surgery: U of C, Manitoba, Alberta, McGill, UdeM Dermatology: U of T, U of A, U of C, UBC, McGill, McMaster, Ottawa Diagnostic Radiology: Queen's, McGill, Sask, Dal, U of C, U of O, MUN, U of T, Western, UofA, Mac, UBC, Manitoba Emergency Medicine: Laval, QU, Cal, Western, Sask, McGill, TO, Ottawa, UBC, UofA, Mac, Dal, Man, Montreal Family Medicine: Mac, MUN
  2. Ya the prices for the apartments range quite a bit but the ones in my building are from around 750-1200 (lower end for singles, upper end for doubles). This does not include parking which is around 20 bucks for above ground and 30 bucks below ground/month. Utilities are included.
  3. Hey, so for apartment buildings I'd suggest just looking up Boardwalk Rentals in Windsor. They own several buildings within the campus region and I happen to live in one of them Just call ahead of time and if they have available apartments, they'll book you a tour asap.
  4. This is fantastic idea btw. I'm currently in this situation. I live in a two bedroom with a fellow classmate and two other people from the 2015 class live in the same building but in single bedroom apartments. There's also a few 2014's living there (although most of them are moving downtown now). There's a fair few apartment buildings friendly to students near campus. Let me know if you want any more details/have questions.
  5. Hey, yes so traditionally there's a little bit of movement from windsor campus to the london one but I wouldn't count on that happening because it isn't overly common. There's a few students each year but its pretty minimal. And ya, all the training is done in Windsor, and you must do a 4 week rotation in rural areas but that goes for London students as well so we get the same trainging basically. Feel free to PM me if you have more questions about Windsor specifically, I'd love to tell you more!
  6. I am at the Windsor campus and LOVE it! If you have any questions at all, about ANYTHING, I'd be more than happy to answer them for you. PM me please!
  7. Hey, There's a few things you gotta keep in mind with doing a 5th year. Most importantly, are you completeing your degree in 4 years and then doing an additional 5th year to boost marks or get pre reqs OR are you completing your degree in 5 years? If you are doing an additional year, then the 3/5 rule for "matching your year" does not apply and you can take whatever courses you want. Western will take whatever the two highest years on your transcript are (that could include your 5th year if you are in the conditional acceptance stream). If you are going to take 5 years to complet
  8. I am very happy for you friend! You are pretty much in and I can't wait to meet you in person
  9. Not ALWAYS the case, i did the regular waitlist thing twice and was pretty much in the same ranking on the waitlist both years and got the acceptance both times. My interview was far better the first time around but I still made it the second time from the same spot on the regular waitlist.
  10. Last year initial acceptances went out May 5th. They ran through the entire high priority waitlist on June 1st, and through a good chunk of the normal waitlist on June 2nd. A few people got accepted after that as well, the last person being somewhere in late July.
  11. Welcome to another season of Waitlist hell - nah, you guys will do great, keep your heads up and ears open, things will move!! And let me know if any of you have any questions about conditional acceptances - shoot me a pm. cheers!
  12. Wish I'd run across this post a little earlier, could have saved you guys all the skepticism. You DO NOT have to follow the 3/5 rule in your "special year". I took majority 2nd and 3rd year courses in my special year and made it to Schulich just fine. Let me know if you've got any other questions about special years and conditional acceptances. cheers!
  13. Private message me if you have more specific questions regarding conditional acceptances, i'd be happy to clear anything up!
  14. Omg Buddy, I am SOOOOO Happy for you! Looks like we're gonna get to meet eachother in person after all All that counting members on the FB groups and now you get to officially become one of them!!
  15. Hey, yah the 3/5 rule does NOT apply to a special year as it is described by UWO. I took a mix of 2nd, 3rd and 4th year classes in mine and it went fine. Just gotta make sure all of your 2nd year courses have pre-reqs and you're solid.
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