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  1. Maybe they should have grandfathered this in gradually, taking the higher of the new or old calculation method for the next 2-3 years, rather than just this year. That way ppl who are 1-2 year into their 2nd undergrad didn't just find out that they wasted a couple years of their life. Its probably not a huge number of ppl but I'm sure some just got bit hard by this change.
  2. edit: I just answered my own question. I probably will not apply to NOSM given that I am not from NO and had limited rural experiences.
  3. I am in a very bad grad school situation right now. I am not sure to share my story because it will draw a lot of tears out of me to type it...just very scared about my future. I am in an extremely depressed state right now to address the OP, I would say you are very lucky and smart to have recognized your situation and also ask the help of people. I suggest the same as others...open up to your professor, seek the advice of your comittee/grad advisor/program chair/etc, and if things continue to be difficult for you switch to another lab. I am 4 years into my masters and I don't know if
  4. I had an interview last cycle at UofT and got rejected on August 30th Do you guys think I should mention this briefly mention this in my essay? I would use a 2-3 sentences to talk about it in the context of how it has motivated me even more to improve myself and what I did to improve. Thanks for any advice!
  5. I assume by "10 credits" you mean a half year course. So in other words, you are saying that for grad students they will drop the lowest 5 full year courses from undergrad. This confuses me b/c I thought that only 4 full year courses would be dropped. Here is the quote directly from the UofT Website: "Briefly, a student with three completed years may drop the three lowest full-year course marks, or six lowest semester course marks, or any combination thereof. A student applying with four completed years may drop the four lowest full-year course marks, or eight lowest semester course mark
  6. I'm still on the UofT waitlist...I don't even bother checking the ut sub-forum anymore b/c it feels like I'm the only one left and discussions have moved on....why won't they just send my rejection letter already..
  7. I guess it was human instinct ...sorry, lame pun to lift your spirits
  8. OneDay is correct. Also, you sort of answered the question yourself:
  9. Im thinking about chnaging dates...but: is the turnover time for MCAT marks still at ~30 days from the day you write?
  10. As a former biochem student, I can agree with everything that others have said too. In depth biochem isn't really tested that much on the MCAT (sucked for me when I wrote b/c I had no university experience in any of the major human phyiological systems).
  11. I would definitely apply to the French stream due to the GPA cutoff for the English one being high. My honest opinion is that there would be no chance for the English stream with that GPA. Since you had an interview via French stream already you can probably do a good assement. In other words, if you were rejected outright after the interview it could have been a bad interview + lower GPA or just the lower GPA that brought you down. If you were placed on a waitinglist than maybe your interview was good and it was just the GPA that affected your final ranking which led to a rejection. In b
  12. I have a lot of SAT Material for sale...books, practice tests, etc. They are all published by Princeton Review and completely brand new. If anyone is interested I can give you details of exactly what I have. I would sell for $50 (total value is much more than that).
  13. If there is a UofT undergrad forum or something it might be more useful. I'm in the LMP grad school program so sorry I cant be much help.
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