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  1. From my understanding, claiming any other tax credits is basically not useful when you still have tuition tax credits because the CRA always apply the tuition tax credits first before anything else and none of the other tax credits (ie these exam credits) get carried forward. Can someone confirm claiming all these other tax credits when you still have tuition tax credits that they (NON tuition tax credits) actually still get used?
  2. I was wondering if it is possible to claim the cost of the LMCC part 1/2 retroactively (eg took it in 2017, claim it on 2018 tax return that you are filing in 2019) The reason I ask is because my understanding is that tuition tax credits get applied before any other tax credits you record (medical, travel expenses, etc), and since I and most people have enough tuition tax credits from medical school to cover everything, claiming anything else during those years that we have those tuition tax credits covering everything makes claiming these exams and things a waste. Just want to confirm th
  3. Just wondering, its getting into the later half of april and hoping my job is still a job!
  4. I'm a Canadian and just mailed in my withdrawal today (Y)
  5. User Stats (Total Score = 37R, VR 11, PS 13, BS 13, 3.75, 3.75) bikwa (30Q, 10, 10, 10, 3.83, 3.86) blizzah (33Q, 10, 12, 11, 3.76, 3.78) EastCoast89 (35P, 12, 9, 14, 3.95, 3.94) jawn_doe (33O, 10, 12, 11, 3.95, 3.97) hydrangea1 (32R, 3.70, 3.80, grad 4.00, post bac 3.90) North12 (32P & 33Q, 3.89, 3.85) medhopefuls2016 (>38, >3.95) moderate (40R, 11, 14, 15, 3.53, 3.68, 4.00 grad GPA) sans0002 (32S, 9, 12, 11, 3.88 CAN) treejuice1 (33Q, 10, 12, 11, 4.0, 4.0) IvyUndergrad (43R, 14, 14, 15, 3.75, 3.68) Outsider (37R, 11, 13, 13, 3.75, 3.75) Acceptances: Georgetown:
  6. Just a heads up for those waiting, I had to reschedule my interview date to April and just got the reply that they will not be sending out the April invites for a couple of weeks. Maybe that info might help someone!
  7. User Stats (Total Score, VR, PS, BS, cGPA, sGPA) bikwa (30Q, 10, 10, 10, 3.83, 3.86) blizzah (33Q, 10, 12, 11, 3.76, 3.78) jawn_doe (33O, 10, 12, 11, 3.95, 3.97) North12 (32P & 33Q, 3.89, 3.85) medhopefuls2016 (>38, >3.95) moderate (40R, 11, 14, 15, 3.53, 3.68, 4.00 grad GPA) sans0002 (32S, 9, 12, 11, 3.88 CAN) treejuice1 (33Q, 10, 12, 11, 4.0, 4.0) Acceptances: Georgetown: sans0002 (I: 09/23, A: 11/14) GWU: North12 (I:9/20, A:10/17) Jefferson: bikwa (I:9/21, A:9/28 EDP) SLU: treejuice1 (I: 9/12, A: 10/27), blizzah (I: 10/11, A: 11/11), moderate (I: 10/25, A:11/
  8. There is, even on this site: http://www.premed101.com/forums/showthread.php?t=19065
  9. But if only there had been some way to know!
  10. Added a program future doc recommended so I thought I'd give this a bump too.
  11. Very few places take people who have graduated and are basically at 4th year summer. Though if youre taking a year off you probably want more than a summer commitment so you might be better off looking elsewhere. Definitely though I recall seeing at least a couple that take people who just graduated so if you look you may be able to find them.
  12. I know the opportunities for Canadian's are not as accessible and well known as they should be so I thought I would share the list I compiled last year when I was applying towards international research opportunities. Below are the programs I myself specifically looked into and know Canadian’s are accepted and compiled some information about (whether or not there is extra info included below the link is completely random depending on if it was easy to copy and paste at the time). I applied to the majority of them I'd say. I ordered them by due date (at least for last year). I remember abs
  13. Quick question. What does it mean that the prereqs are looked at? Is that to imply there is a separate AQ calculation for just your prereqs and a separate one for all your other courses and both somehow effect your score. Or basically how is the system different from just taking all your courses and averaging them and entering that into a formula that gives you your AQ (assuming no dropping of lowest marks etc). Thanks for any insight you can provide
  14. Has anyone had their application materials marked as received and if so, when did you submit? I submitted on Nov. 3rd and nothing is not on the checklist for outstanding. Thanks for the help.
  15. One of my verifiers told me they were contacted recently so looks like theyre going through apps. I hope that means they didn't auto reject me immediately =P
  16. Uh oh, for ours we are supposed to upload a document and they just gave us headings under which we should group things. Unless I'm doing something terribly wrong.
  17. I was just wondering if somewhere on the CV we should be indicating the hours/week or total hours, or anything beyond the basic time frame like apr 2008 - apr 2009 that you would normally see on a CV, or if this information might be included somewhere else or not at all. If someone who has done a past application could offer insight that would be great as well.
  18. Naturally now that i've submitted all the questions are coming to mind. I don't recall having the option to, but we weren't supposed to include our current years course information anywhere were we? I am in my 4th year of undergrad and included up to my 3rd year courses + marks but was there an area to list the courses I am taking in 4th year? This just comes to mind because I'm wondering if schools want to see if youre fulfilling the 60/40 rule in the current year.
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