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  1. Anatomical Pathology: Memorial, Ottawa, Toronto, Western, Queens, UBC, McMaster Anesthesiology: McMaster, Saskatchewan, Calgary (phone interview), Queens, Sherbrooke, UBC, Ottawa, Alberta, Western, MUN, Toronto, McGill Cardiac Surgery: Dalhousie, Calgary, Alberta Dermatology: Calgary, Alberta Diagnostic Radiology: Saskatchewan, McGill,Ottawa, Queen's, Dalhousie, Calgary, McMaster, UBC, Toronto, Manitoba, MUN, Alberta, Western Emergency Medicine: McMaster, Manitoba, Queen's, UBC Family Medicine: McMaster, Laval, NOSM, University of Toronto, Sherbrooke, UWO (Schulich), Ontario (IMG), Montr
  2. Once you're in grad school, my understanding is that publications are more important, regardless research or course-based. From what I remember, UofT is the only school that has a different approach for grad applicants. For 2010 matriculation, Queen's waived their GPA cutoff for grad applicants. I think Queen's overhauled their process since then though. Do you know what your GPA is in OMSAS? Best two years? Most recent two years?
  3. I did an MHSc prior to med school. Wasn't actually planning on med school when I applied to the MHSc though. I do know of someone who took a year off for the reasons you describe - he ended up getting in both years, though at different schools. If your stats are strong enough then you'll likely be able to apply to an MD program in the future and get in. You just risk the targets for different schools moving on you. Earlier advice on do the career oriented one first is good advice. You just need to know what that career is A clinician first? Or a clinician working within publi
  4. Grad marks tend to be inflated compared to undergrad GPAs. I don't know about any specific plans for grad consideration, but I would expect it to be more publication based. This of course doesn't allow for course based masters though.
  5. 8-9 in undergrad 8-9 now Hopeful I can maintain that. Also, in undergrad I had 30-40 hrs of class per week, whereas now I'm down to 22 or so. I don't drink coffee, but do drink tea.
  6. Push is typical of blackberries. The server "pushes" the email to the phone, so as soon as the email is received, the phone beeps to let you know you have email. This is an alternative to periodically checking at certain time intervals (as you may do with Outlook, Thunderbird, etc.).
  7. You can add it as an IMAP (settings are in the faq on the email for life page). Catch is there's no push functionality then. Only way to get push would be through a push server of some sort (e.g. blackberry, gmail, etc.).
  8. Hmm, I just tried the same thing and it worked fine for me. Did you add the email 4 life in the send mail as field in gmail settings?
  9. Was wondering if any upper years could comment on how well forwarding the email4life to another account (say gmail) works. Thanks.
  10. Or Rochester. I had booked a second one there last year. Didn't end up using it though as I got my first results 2 days prior and they were fine.
  11. Started with two unnecessary surgeries due to poor pathology. And apparently has exploded into a staffing crisis :S See the latest Macleans for details of the pathology problems.
  12. OMSAS calculates your GPA by converting on a course by course basis, then taking a weighted average. This is different then just converting your school's cumulative average. Switching may be viewed favourably or not. Depends on what the switch is and why you did it. And I would guess you'll lose at least a year switching since you'll have to pick up all the prereq 1st / 2nd year courses before you can move on to 3rd year. I am curious though, why anxious to avoid your 4th year of nursing?
  13. First question: have you calculated your OMSAS GPA course by course? That will be a good start. If you're only in second year, you have plenty of ways to fit in the courses. If your schedule won't permit ANY basic science electives, then consider summer school/DE. I did engineering and fit in some of the courses on co-op, then actually did orgo and a cell bio course during part of my master's. MCAT scores are on the low side, but if you haven't taken physics since high school, that's easily fixed
  14. 3rd and 4th year courses are collectively grouped as "upper year courses". So yes, what you described should be fine.
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