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  1. Thanks so much Edict!! I hope to match to psych! Really good to know that I would have to remain a student to be able to do electives in the US!! Definitely have loads of things to figure out, but nice to know it's not impossible!!!
  2. Hello! I am a med-4 at a Canadian school who may have to apply to the US for residency for pretty compelling personal reasons. I really didn't anticipate this till now and as such, have not taken any of the Step exams. My question is: will I really be shooting myself in the foot if I voluntarily forego carms this year and take a year off after med school to write the exams/rotate in the US and apply to ERAS? Any advice at all would be super appreciated! Thank you!
  3. Hi there, I am a MS4 hoping to match to psych. There is a burning question I have that I am not able to find the info to anywhere: If a Canadian psych resident wants to pursue a PhD during their residency and the best person to supervise their project happens to be at another institution abroad, would they be able to take leave from their residency program to pursue this? If anyone in any residency can shed some light on this, it would be so appreciated! Thank you.
  4. I also got this message when trying to confirm my offer. Contacted admissions and they told me that I was having this issue because I had already accepted an offer for grad school at McGill. Was able to sort out everything with Service Point.
  5. Hey I have the same issue....you are not the only one! In the excitement of today, forgot to call and enquire Will call the admissions office on tuesday & post about what happens.
  6. Hey I completely agree with the above poster. Lots of people get in on their first try & they are just like you and I. Keep your chin up! There's also a huge element of luck, I feel...in terms of what type of scenarios you get, how relevant they are to your own experiences etc.
  7. It's my second time - I also feel like it went better than the first time, but definitely not a perfect interview lol. Finding the wait quite hard...
  8. Guys, somewhere on this forum, I read a story about a person who was convinced they bombed 50% of the stations & actually got in. So we never know! That being said, I am certainly obsessing over everything I said/didn't say & feel glad that some thoughtful soul created this thread so that we can support each other as we wait for April 17.
  9. Dear Ambassadors, Thank you for taking the time to answer our questions. Have a couple for you: - Can a CEGEP course count towards the physiology component in the "Recommended Courses" section of the workbook? Not sure if CEGEP courses are considered to be "university level" courses, although U0s take similar courses. - In the same vein, can an advanced, university-level physiology course (ex: 500) satisfy the requirement? - Someone asked this question already in another thread and people offered their interpretations but maybe you guys have a concrete answer: When they say "C
  10. For McGill, do i just use their normal grading scheme (i.e. 85+ = A..etc) to convert my CEGEP grades to a GPA? Thanks!
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