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  1. Hi everyone I am a Canadian attending a US MD school (first year) and I am interested in matching to FM at U of T or Mcgill. What does a competitive applicant look like? I imagine it's similar to US but I just want to make sure. US schools don't know much about matching back to Canada ... I do plan on doing an away rotation at U of T and Mcgill btw
  2. Hey! I am also a dual citizen but the opp of naija. I was born in Canada and went to undergrad there and grad school in US. I currently attend an MD school in US so let me know if you have any questions. You are not international but will likely be OOS for all schools unless you can prove in state residency. Which you actually might be able to depending on the state.
  3. I would also agree with PopShoppe. Your undergrad GPA is what is going to be considered most since that is what will be used to calculate your cGPA and your science GPA. But schools will still see your undergrad GPA. Also, keep in mind that Canadians are only eligible to apply to a select few MD and DO schools. The MD schools tend to be the super competitive ones. That being said, the schools will definitely love your extensive clinical experience and you will have a chance to explain your graduate GPA in your AMCAS application or the secondary application. Let me know if you have any oth
  4. I lived in a great apartment that was only two metro stops from Mcgill and about a 30 min walk. It's called Le 2100. It's at 2100 Boul de Maisonneuve O. Here is their facebook page https://www.facebook.com/pages/category/Real-Estate/Le2100-1567786290211732/. Their website is underconstruction right now but you can still look them up online.
  5. Result: Refused wGPA: 3.68 (BSc in a professional degree so would have got a slight boost) MCAT: No ECs: MPH, extensive public health work Year: Graduated from MPH 3 years ago, working full time, CDC internship in South America, lots of community service, underserved pop oriented activities. Felt ECs were good and written well IP/OOP/International: IP Letter of EC: No Knew my GPA was low but still had hope. But it's ok since I have 2 MD acceptances in USA. These schools all required CASPER so it must not have been too bad since I was accepted. Good luck to e
  6. I feel that Canadian banks may be willing to work with you since you are going to be attending medical school and they often know that you will be able to pay the loans back upon graduation. I am not referring to any money coming from the US. I apologize that I may be a little confident but I do think that the OP should still look into private loan options in Canada regardless of parental support and still apply. Finding the funds will not be easy but I dont think its impossible. I also just did a quick Google search and it looks like there also may be some international student loans av
  7. If being a physician is your dream and what you want to do for the rest of your life then anything is possible! There are private loans and many other financing options available. That being said, getting accepted as an international student to a US MD school is very difficult. US DO is easier. I would first apply and see how the cycle is going before worrying too much about the financing. Of course, you can definitely explore different financing options while your applying so you are prepared if you get accepted. Some schools require proof of funds of at least 1 year tuition (and possible boa
  8. I am also in a the same situation and was recently accepted to 2 US MD schools and I am still applying to Canadian schools. US schools are much more holistically in their admission process so make sure you have a well rounded application. Also, try to establish in state residency in the US otherwise you will be OOS at every school. Look at the school/state requirements for establishing in state residency. Often times it can be done one year prior to matriculation. That way you have have increased chances of admission in that state and in state tuition at any state public schools. Honestly, it
  9. Has anyone ever been to the Mcgill open house? The website says there is one on Oct 20. What does the open house entail?
  10. I am retaking my expired prereqs and an option 2 class. Would the new grade for these classes be used to calculate my degree GPA (pre interview) or just my prereq GPA (post interview). I couldn’t find the answer on the website
  11. Could I message you? I have a similar background and would like to apply NTP next year. Thanks! Congrats!
  12. Selling Kaplan MCAT 7 Book Set 2018-2019 Brand New $95 OBO
  13. I have a bunch of international verifers as well but I just put their phone number. I don't think it should be a problem and I also don't have anyone in Canada that can vouch besides family and friends
  14. Quel'un sait si le CASPer va etre entierement en francais, c'est a dire avec la voix en francais ou la voix en anglais avec les sous titres en francais? L'exemple disponible a takeCASPer.com a les sous tires en francais. C'est seulement une curiosite Merci
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