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  1. Anatomical Pathology: Laval (Dec 4), UofT (Dec 5), UBC (Dec 9), Memorial (Dec 10), Queens (Dec 13 IMG), Dalhousie (Dec 11), McMaster (Dec 16 IMG) Anesthesiology: Manitoba (Dec 6), NOSM (Dec 9), UBC (Dec 11), Ottawa (Dec 12), Dalhousie (Dec 13), Queen's (Dec 14), Calgary (Dec 16*), USask (Dec 17) Cardiac Surgery: Dermatology: Alberta (Dec 4), Ottawa (Dec 16) Diagnostic Radiology: Saskatoon (Nov 28), UBC (Nov 29), MUN (Dec 4), Calgary (Dec 6) Emergency Medicine: Queen's (Dec 9), Calgary (Dec 16*), McMaster (Dec 16 - phone call)
  2. If you were previously a UBC student at any point you should get the same UBC student number that you had before.
  3. This is correct. After you register for your first year courses in July (MEDD 411, 412 and MEDD 419) you will be able to download your Proof of Enrolment letter from the UBC Student Service Centre for 2019W session. This proof of enrollment letter is what banks are usually looking for when you are signing up for a LOC.
  4. There are some fellow UBC ISCIers at UBC in medical school. We each had a unique integration and have our own interests because our degrees were highly tailored to our own learning goals and interests.
  5. During 1st semester we were only at VGH one afternoon/week (Tuesday or Thursday from 1-5pm depending on your individual schedule for clinical experiences). So for 1st year there is less of an advantage to being close to VGH, but in 2nd year most of our classes are held at VGH. Some people live closer to UBC for 1st year and move closer to VGH for 2nd year and others choose to live in between UBC and VGH for both 1st and 2nd year so they don't have to make an extra move before the start of 2nd year. For most family practice placements in the Greater Vancouver area you can commute
  6. In the UBC Med help guide I think they mention to only include activities that you completed since senior high school (BC Grade 11 or 16 years old onwards...) unless the activity is still ongoing until the present day (June 1st for the purposes of the UBC application for the current application cycle).
  7. We were told by the UBC financial program advisor to list the MD undergraduate program as a bachelor's or undergraduate program. The only exception is if you are an MD/PhD student in which case you would list your degree as a graduate degree. Don't list it as a professional program. If you have any questions about the application process for student loans or a LOC it is recommended that you go to one of the financial advice sessions run by the UBC financial program advisor for students.
  8. That is correct; Doctors of BC covers the cost of disability insurance for 1st year students, but after first year I believe you have to pay a premium of $75/year for the Doctors of BC disability insurance in 2nd year of med. Most of the major banks like RBC and Scotia that offer LOCs to students also offer disability insurance coverage to students as well, although you will probably want to shop around for the coverage that best suits your needs.
  9. According to the UofC help guide from 2016-2017: "3.1 Alberta Residency Applicants will be considered Albertans if they meet one of the following criteria: 1. Have been physically present in Alberta1 on a day-to-day basis for 24 consecutive months at some point between their 15th birthday and the first day of classes (of the year for which they are applying). 2. Have been on active duty for the 24 months prior to classes starting (i.e. July 1, 2015 - July 1, 2017) with the Canadian Armed Forces2 or the RCMP. A letter from your commanding officer supporting your active duty dates mus
  10. I went to a BC public notary in Vancouver who charged me $10/document for photocopied, notarized copies of my driver's license and the picture page of my Canadian passport. I did have to pay cash though, but $20 was a really good deal.
  11. I didn't participate in any of the UBC Global Health Initiative (GHI) FLEX projects, but I do know quite a few students in our class that did projects in different countries such as Uganda and Nepal over the 6 week FLEX period following final exams in April. I recommend checking out the UBC GHI website for more information on available projects.
  12. You have the right attitude in applying for med and I encourage you to pursue activities that you are interested in and passionate about and it will show in your application. Your aGPA is only a little bit below the average aGPA of the overall applicant pool and your MCAT is good enough for applying to UBC, so I would focus on pursuing activities that you enjoy doing while working on your application. Good luck and if you have any questions feel free to send me a message.
  13. The Facebook link for voting for this year's backpack colour is up: http://ow.ly/uafV30ct8CL
  14. You will get an email from the FoM later in June or July with contact information for different providers of the HCP/CPR First Aid course in Vancouver. For my year I took my certification course at the Medical Student Alumni Centre (MSAC) at VGH. The course is offered multiple times throughout the summer and I also remember there was a course organized by upper year medical students that was offered at UBC in August closer to the start of term.
  15. There is no reading break for first year medical students in the Fall term or Winter term. We get about 2-3 weeks off for winter break and you get ~3 months of summer vacation following the end of FLEX in 1st year. I would hold off on buying any textbooks until at least the start of first year and after meeting with the second years during the orientation week in August I personally used a few resources like Toronto Notes for CBL prep etc. and there are a lot of electronic resources and online resources that will be useful to you in first year.
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