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  1. I think I looked into it at one point several years ago and was told that if they couldn't repair mine they'd send me another colour. So I just took it to a random tailor and got it mended.
  2. Gosh I'm so old my backpack has almost been forced off the timeline :/ Still going strong though.
  3. When I matched, my program waited almost the full 30 days they're allowed before reaching out to us
  4. Wow. Rough year. Psych almost filled, GIM completely filled. Wonder what's up with Western FM with 9 London spots.
  5. Yeah I'm not sure I'll ever be able to afford a home in Toronto, like in my life. It's actually horrifying.
  6. I live in downtown Toronto and pay 1650 - which is shockingly low. I got it at slightly below market rent when I rented it (just got lucky) and the landlord hasn't raised my rent in 6 years for some unfathomable reason (but not complaining). That said while it's not a scummy apartment in general, my bedroom is my home office (it's a "one bedroom" that's basically a studio) and I'm currently dealing with a roach infestation so you get what you pay for.
  7. I've found that through medical school/residency I was not always working the max. There were rough rotations/periods where I was going full out but also periods where I was not. During the full out periods you just put your head down and try to get through, and during the less intense periods you rest and recuperate and try to put things in place for the next spring (e.g. cooking/freezing meals, taking care of stuff that needs to get done to get it out of the way). It's also somewhat residency and program dependent. In psychiatry call is generally lighter (about 1/7) and I had some co
  8. Staff call is also more $$$ which I think is generally motivating for people.
  9. Neither did I before clerkship - never pulled an all nighter in my life prior to that point or really even went to bed all that late. It's surprising what you can adapt to. I was incredibly anxious about it before I did it, but it turned out to be totally doable. Unpleasant at times, but doable. You learn what strategies help you manage. Best advice I ever got from a resident was to bring a pair of clean underwear and socks to call. Turns out a change of undergarments half way through the night is surprisingly refreshing! It really does work...
  10. I actually found residency far better than clerkship even though I worked harder. The absence of constant studying (except for PGY5) helps so much because you can actually use a lot of your "at home" time as actual down time (or at least I was able to - if you have kids I'm sure it's different but that's true of everything). The evaluation is also less intense because even though you're thinking about getting a job, the scrutiny is less for a lot of it, and you stay in one place for long enough that you don't have to impress every single second. You also have more of a sense of being useful
  11. Not to be rude, but I laughed at the "nobody can work 80 hours per week" comment. I didn't do it much in psychiatry but it's so so standard issue in so many of the other specialties. Just one Saturday call can easily push you to almost 70 without even trying even in psych (and I generally feel like I got off pretty easy from a residency perspective).
  12. I wrote mine “Dear Dr. [PD] and the CaRMS Selection Committee” but I doubt it matters much as long as you don’t address it to the PD of another program or something.
  13. I’m mostly still living like a resident except I might move to a nicer place (but I’m paying 1650 right now which for downtown Toronto is a steal so a nicer place will probably still hopefully be < 2500 with the rental market being what it is). But yeah the staff expenses really ramp up compared to residency in terms of OMA, CPSO, CMPA, CME requirements (conferences and trainings are $$$).
  14. I’m making less than that - if you’re outpatient psych doing psychotherapy and not much call you’re probably going to make less. However the first 6 months of practice were a ramp up - I expect to hit about 180-200k in my second year if I work hard. However, Toronto rent is expensive still and I’m also trying to start my RRSP so there’s that.
  15. As a psychiatrist, not so much. At least not as a single income household in Toronto. Income disparity sucks like that.
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