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  1. RBC automatically converted mine to a personal LOC at the same rate. No monthly fee.
  2. I think this is an incredibly tone deaf post to make on a forum full of many people who are currently working on the front lines and bearing the brunt of multiple waves of trauma caused at this point largely by the choices of unvaccinated people. That's what I think.
  3. By community, do you mean community hospital or community like outpatient clinic outside of the hospital setting?
  4. Sure - though honestly there isn't much clarity to be had. I did go through this process though so feel free to ask me questions by PM.
  5. Get disability insurance right now, especially if you haven’t been diagnosed or treated yet. Like, immediately. With CPSO there really is no concrete info. It’s about the diagnosis, not the treatment - they ask if you’ve ever been diagnosed with a condition that could interfere with your ability to practice medicine. It’s a personal judgment call whether to disclose for most people with psych stuff. If you’ve taken a leave you will probably end up needing to, if not it’s a conversation with your treating physician. Most people with mild to moderate depression and anxiety disorders I
  6. I don't know anyone who has been forced out of their program entirely (though it does happen from time to time). I do know several people who have been put on remediation for various reasons. "Professionalism" is a wide net and a vague enough term that the program can use it to nail you for almost anything they really feel like nailing you for. Most people I know who have been put on remediation have been for that reason. Actual unprofessionalism is mostly things like coming late, not showing up, not doing your paperwork, lying about things, etc but sometimes it can be because your sup
  7. The problem is, in order to do FM, you have to have the talent and liking for FM - I feel like it's a mistake to think of FM as a default option. The skill set of FM I think is one that I would not be well suited for at all - I can't change tasks or mindsets very fast, I get really stressed out by the unknown, don't like ambiguity, the whole "a little about a lot" thing is very ill suited to my strengths and general personality. Plus for some things, like psych, you really can be out and done in 5 years - 3 more years isn't so many if you get to do something you're good at at the end of
  8. I think I looked into it at one point several years ago and was told that if they couldn't repair mine they'd send me another colour. So I just took it to a random tailor and got it mended.
  9. Gosh I'm so old my backpack has almost been forced off the timeline :/ Still going strong though.
  10. When I matched, my program waited almost the full 30 days they're allowed before reaching out to us
  11. Wow. Rough year. Psych almost filled, GIM completely filled. Wonder what's up with Western FM with 9 London spots.
  12. Yeah I'm not sure I'll ever be able to afford a home in Toronto, like in my life. It's actually horrifying.
  13. I live in downtown Toronto and pay 1650 - which is shockingly low. I got it at slightly below market rent when I rented it (just got lucky) and the landlord hasn't raised my rent in 6 years for some unfathomable reason (but not complaining). That said while it's not a scummy apartment in general, my bedroom is my home office (it's a "one bedroom" that's basically a studio) and I'm currently dealing with a roach infestation so you get what you pay for.
  14. I've found that through medical school/residency I was not always working the max. There were rough rotations/periods where I was going full out but also periods where I was not. During the full out periods you just put your head down and try to get through, and during the less intense periods you rest and recuperate and try to put things in place for the next spring (e.g. cooking/freezing meals, taking care of stuff that needs to get done to get it out of the way). It's also somewhat residency and program dependent. In psychiatry call is generally lighter (about 1/7) and I had some co
  15. Staff call is also more $$$ which I think is generally motivating for people.
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