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  1. The other thing to consider if you are planning to change your name as part of your transition, is that once you begin practicing under a particular name, it tends to follow you. For example, you start accumulating documents and certifications with your dead name on them (diploma, MCC, etc), and Colleges will sometimes ask about and display former names on your public profile (CPSO does display any former names you’ve had since you started practicing). Hospitals and clinics may also ask for former names as do police record checks. So if your eventual hope is to be totally under the radar prof
  2. I would guess it probably depends a fair bit on specialty and location. I would potentially consider this when you do your ranking and try to stay in bigger, more diverse cities. I would hope that everyone everywhere would be understanding and respectful, but I could also imagine a lot of confusion around names, and perhaps some horrifying comments here and there, depending on where you are located. I know it's not much the same at all, but as a lesbian I know when I was training in London I experienced heterosexism at best from colleagues, especially in surgical specialties, and frank
  3. Probably a combination of different life history, different values around money, and different personality. I certainly didn't grow up in poverty myself (though my father has told me he didn't have much growing up), but we sure weren't rich, and if we wanted something as kids we were mostly expected to save for it, and it was very clear that large purchases (more than 50-100 dollars) were a Big Deal to be thought about carefully and made infrequently, especially if they were purely for enjoyment. I didn't grow up having the nicest or newest anything, and I still mostly don't, nor do I partic
  4. You're going to have to provide a bit more detail about what you like about each one and what you're hoping for for your career. Otherwise it's almost impossible to give a relevant opinion. Definitely can't do all 3. Maaaaybe some approximation of 2/3.
  5. On the face, it isn't - but we live in a society where the same behaviour can be perceived very differently based on who it is coming from. For example, behaviour that would be "confident" or "assertive" from men is more likely to be read as "bitchy" or "aggressive" when it comes from women. Especially women of colour. So these biases could certainly come out in a free form recommendation letter, but when these kinds of things are explicitly asked about, it does make it more likely that gender or race will contribute to the perception that someone has had these "lapses".
  6. It strikes me that the approach here in general is not ideal - it seems to be a way of asking the question "does this applicant have flaws/vulnerabilities?" Except that that is inherently the wrong question, because every medical student has flaws and vulnerabilities. Maybe some people succeed in never showing them at work - but I'm sure lots of good doctors don't always succeed at that. And asking these kinds of questions just encourages people to hide things rather than asking for help. In my opinion, the information they should be trying to elicit should be whether the applicant is
  7. My understanding is that for some time now, Queens has had the QARMS program that offers a fast track starting in high school - that's 10 spots. Recently they decided that it will be open only to Black and Indigenous students. I believe they also have four spots for Indigenous applicants applying at the end of undergrad. There have been several quite heated threads on this subject lately, but the hope is that programs like these can do something to address systemic racism against Black and Indigenous people both within the medical profession and also in our patient populations. Man
  8. It's inevitable without parental support, a spouse earning substantial income, or substantial savings of your own. Unfortunately it's just part of medical training that we all have to accept. I am also very uncomfortable with debt but there's really no way around it. I started medical school with no debt from undergrad (very lucky), no savings, and no parental support. Went to medical school in a low cost of living city (London) partly to save money, partly for other reasons. I personally tend to live fairly frugally - I never travel, don't drive, etc - but I didn't severely restrict
  9. Yes definitely hope for that - the whole "gunner" thing is a very overt way of expressing your interest/intentions, but there are lots of other, quieter ways that are equally effective and sometimes better received. The "gunners" are just the loudest voices in the room.
  10. The match is also much tighter these days though, at least in English Canada. Gets worse every year. For most people, ranking only 3 programs is only a viable strategy if you are very prepared to go unmatched.
  11. True - but her anecdote was from several years ago, and things certainly were different in Quebec then.
  12. When I went to medical school (pre-COVID obviously) I think I had the same expectation that I would immediately feel "part of the group" and that didn't happen for me either. Some people it happens easily for, and some it's harder. I am only in touch with a very small number of people from medical school - maybe about 3 people - and all of them were people I became close to in the later years. I think it can actually get easier once you start to learn what other people are interested in the same things you are clinically, and when you're doing more in small groups, like your clerkship r
  13. Bambi, are you not in Quebec though? I would imagine Quebec is a bit different from the ROC.
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