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  1. Have you received the interview invitation by email or mail? thanks.
  2. Anyone taking or has taken this course? I am looking for notes or to work with someone on the course. I need to finish it by Jan 2014. Thanks.
  3. Hi, I am taking the course and I have to finish it by Jan 2014.. Anyone has notes I can use? I can pay for them. Thanks.
  4. I didn't mean they take the best session. I meant that If you need certain number of credits within a session (to make up the most recent 60 credits), they take the best ones. I am just confused on how they deal with 6 credit courses. Thanks.
  5. Hi, 1- I have asked the admission office but I couldn't get a clear answer.. When determing the most recent credits, do they take into account the current year courses assuming that I will be applying for the September 2014 intake? Also, what is the policy on 6 credit courses? I have taken 30 credits in one year, 2 courses are 6 full credits. It says they pick the best from the session.. For my case, the GPA calculation needs to pick 15 from that year.. Not sure how this will be done. 2- Any stats on number of applicants and spots available? Minimum, Average GPA? 3- What factors he
  6. Hi, I want to go back to school and study 2 full time years. I am a non traditional student who completed a BSc. 10 years ago. I am considering Mount Royal university. Is there any disadvantage if I finish the 2 years there when applying to Calgary medical school ? e.g. are there science courses accpetable by U of C? Thanks.
  7. I am looking for notes and tips. If someone wants to partner up to exchange notes, I have no problem.. I have started October first and I'd like to finish it by May. Thank you.
  8. for U of M referral letter requirement, does the most current supervisor/employer have to be for my full time employment or part time is acceptable? I have two jobs one full time and the other one is part time.. Does anyone know? Thanks.
  9. I need to register for a biology course in order to satistfy the bio with lab requirement. I have to take the course online as I am working full time.. Is there any course that I can take where it is offered with home lab or intensive onsite lab (aside from Athabasca) thank you.
  10. I really appreciate your help and replies... One question, has anyone tried the course Biol 207? it comes with a supervised lab. Would this be sufficient for the lab component requirement some schools ask for? thank you.
  11. Hi, anyone has taken courses with Athabasca University? How diffucult they are? reasonable? I am considering Biol 235, anyone took this course? I can't comprehend how I can write exams for such course in an online format. Any intake please? Also, when it says home lab, anyone tried to apply for schools that require a Lab component for a biology course? Would the Home Lab be acceptable? thank you for your help.
  12. thank you for your reply. Would the Physiology course satisfy the biology with lab component? What kind of lab are they expecting? I am thinking of trying NSU and MSU. Thank you.
  13. also, this LOR requirement is causing me griev.. If I take a course or two here, is it possible to get such a letter from the prof? thanks.
  14. thank you for your replies. Can someone help me figuring it out what course I can take to fulfill the biology with lab requirement (missing one term only). I have taken 2 biology courses; only one of them had a lab component. thank you..
  15. which schools you recomend for a Canadian non traditional student. I was looking into the Erie school but they adviced me to take a full year in Post Bacc program.. What you suggest? Also, is the Michigcan discount for Canadian students guaranteed for the whole program? Thanks.
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