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  1. USMD = CMD. You won't be considered as an IMG(international medical graduate). However, to study in the US, you will need a lot of $$$...
  2. Their website says no repeat interviews.
  3. How comes? McGill's website says the MMI are only in Feb.
  4. For French schools, invite to interview is solely based on your marks. They will also count all your university studies if you apply during or after undergrad. If you do poorly in cegep, you will need 50 university credits to wipe out your cegep record.
  5. April is for cegep-level applicants, I don't think university-level and cegep-level applicants are on the same list. I think the Quebec government even mandates that cegep-graduates get at least half of the med school spots.
  6. I never liked the idea of having to do tons of ECs.
  7. Consider yourself lucky you ain't from Quebec, where you would be able to apply only at McGIll which I hear is arbitrary in its selection process.
  8. Je peux rien dire sur cela, mais aimes-tu pouvoir prescrire des medicaments? Aussi, j'entends beaucoup parler sur le stresse durant l'externat et la résidence.
  9. Ophthalmologists are surgeons, that's not the job of optometrists. Optometrists should be able to do everything they can do to treat eye diseases without surgery, and ophthalmologists should focus on surgery.
  10. I have had bad semesters (learning difficulties) and I know UdeM looks at every single university course you have ever done? Does UWaterloo do the same?
  11. I would say let the ophthalmos only focus on surgery. I wanted to apply to optometry, but both UdeM and Waterloo look at all your university marks.
  12. On dirait qu'à Laval, le seul programme non-contingenté qui peut donner une bonne Cote R est maths... Moi j'ai foiré ma CRU pour UdeM, mais j'ai plus de chances peut-être à Laval parce qu'ils regardent pas les cours hors-programmes et parce qu'ils regardent chaque cours une seule fois (je pense à reprendre des cours réussits).
  13. I won't be surprised to see more prescription rights for pharmacists in the future, but this will involve a conflict of interest.
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