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  1. Selling The Princeton Review set for $100 or best offer: Biology and Biochemistry General Chemistry Organic Chemistry Physics and Math Critical Analysis and Reasoning Skills Psychology and Sociology The Berkeley Review set for $100 or best offer: Biology Part I & II Physics Parts I & II General Chemistry Part I & II Organic Chemistry Part I & II Examkrackers books for $15 each or best offer: MCAT Biology 101 Passages in MCAT Verbal Reasoning Will deliver to Vancouver area or meet up in any publi
  2. Sounds like an amazing plan. It'll be awesome weather too! Exactly my experience. "Just don't think about it for another 2 months!" If it was that easy wouldn't we all have tried that?
  3. Same here! So much free time on my hands now that there's only work to focus on and nothing else to get done. Going to try and work on my fitness habits while I'm at it Congrats on getting married (or getting married soon, if it hasn't happened yet)!! Where are you guys thinking of travelling?
  4. Trying to distract myself and get my mind off things. But I thought I wouldn’t be the only one. Thought we could share ideas and even just commiserate in the long wait!
  5. Seconded. It would be helpful to all of us here if you could give us more details.
  6. I am thinking of getting a group together to practice for both the MMI and panel interviews sometime in March (so this would work best if your timeslot is during the second weekend). I am in the Vancouver/North Shore area but can meet anywhere within the vicinity, depending on everyone's schedules. PM me if you want to do this together!
  7. Same here, I have a Saturday March 4th timeslot at 12.40-1.34 pm and am looking to trade for one on March 25 or 26 anywhere from 10.30 am - 3 pm. PM me if you'd like to swap and we'll try to work it out!
  8. TIME STAMP: Monday Dec 12 4:51 PM PST Interview Invite: Regret GPA: 85.9 AGPA: 87.4 MCAT: 519 ECs: Hospital volunteering, community volunteering, research, campus leadership Bachelor's Degree Geography: IP NAQ: 22.12 AQ: 26.84 TFR: 48.96
  9. Hi friends, I know this is a bit late in the month. This is my first time applying and I'm not sure which schools I should be applying to. I would be really grateful if you guys had any thoughts to share. GPA: 3.71 MCAT: 519 Looking at the highly competitive GPAs across the schools I'm not sure which ones are realistic to apply to. Do you guys have any advice?
  10. Hi Kathryn, Yes, they were full-length tests and exactly the same computer-based, 4-section/7.5 hour format. If you took any computer-based TPR FLs, I think those might have been equivalent to the MCAT Complete Tests 1-3. Really appreciate the encouragement. I took a look at the spreadsheet and it is somewhat reassuring. I will keep on working hard from now till August and hopefully when August comes around things will be better. All the best to you as well in your journey. Have a wonderful time at McMaster!
  11. Hi Kathryn, Congratulations on your amazing score! I also have a liberal arts background so you're a huge inspiration to me. I am in the same boat as Sarah, hoping to write the August 25 MCAT but working full time at the same time. I have taken a few practice exams with TPR and am really not sure what to think about my scores - MCAT Course Test 1 - 504 MCAT Course Test 2 - 504 MCAT Demo Test - 504 MCAT Complete Test 1 - 507 Will it be realistic with these practice test scores to aim for a 510-512 on test day? I have about 11 weeks left but will only be done with
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