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  1. I'd be very curious to find out as well (PM if feel uncomfortable explaining here). I know AFPs can be lucrative if the work is shared amongst small number of people, but then that's very hard earned money, not ideal for long run, maybe ok for short run if building up capital. Also very interested to know if anybody here use their PC to invest in medical building or diagnostic lab (again feel free to PM),
  2. I would consider that clinical experience since you are interacting with patients. Sounds like it's quite varied and I think you can probably come up with a lot of positive points from that experience. I think in the US they have more leeway, but as long as you explain it well I think the Americans will understand. As an undergrad volunteer it is very hard to actually do "clinical" things, because of regulations and liability on the part of nurses, doctors, hospital etc, maybe unless it's part of research.
  3. The situation reminds me of New Brunswick. I believe for many years NB's fee code was lowest in the country, and that resulted in a significant exodus of physicians, from 1992 to 2019, NB used issuing of billing numbers as a way to "manage" the supply of physicians and where they can practice. This was lifted in 2019 but has already left NB with a bad reputation and will probably negatively impact recruitment for the foreseeable future. Looks like AB might be going down the same path as NB.
  4. I am not involved in dentistry, but I second what the above poster wrote. Personally I use the 2 books by Tim Paziuk as a general reference for financial literacy. I find they are easy to understand and are geared towards MD/DDS. I think if you email him he'll send you the PDFs free of charge.
  5. Yeah might wanna include a bullet proof vest and armormax windows as a sign on bonus.
  6. If anyone is doubting whether inflation will rise or not, just read this: https://financialpost.com/news/economy/inflation-fears-take-back-seat-as-bank-of-canada-turns-focus-on-jobs-recovery Basically they'll let the economy run "hot", aka euphemism for trading inflation with higher employment. Basically everyone's buying power is going down, interest rate will stay low, asset prices will skyrocket. Government debt will slowly disappear because of inflation. Everyone will have a job, it's just you won't make enough to pay for stuff that are getting more expensive (loo
  7. You made a good point about the TN visa. You can still go to US on a J1 and try to work in a rural area to get waiver, or try to get institutional H1B sponsorship (usually limited to large academic centers). Anecdotally I know of ENT people working in US (large cancer center) without US board certification, on an institution sponsored visa (not sure what type). I am not sure if board certification affects billing for these people or not. So overall getting medical license in US is easy, but board certification varies by specialty. For example small rural places in US desperate for
  8. I agree with previous posters. Try emailing the PD or someone in the program you have contact with. Be succinct but courteous. Programs do screw up sometimes, so you never know if they got your name mixed up between interview and reject list. Also other candidates may decline interview or switch time slots, possibly creating new open interview slots. So even if they put you on a "waitlist" it creates some chances. Somewhat unrelated, but I know people who were rejected for fellowship / job, but kept in touch with the person in charge (aka. ask them to keep their CV in file in c
  9. Out of curiosity I looked at OMSAS data (which is only up to 2018), almost had a dissection, the number of applicants has skyrocketed while # of seats is stagnant. # of applicants will increase just with population increase, but seriously no increase in seats for all those years? Can't fathom what it's like to be a premed these days. Older timers who got in with 3.8 GPA probably look dumb as doorknobs compared to people these days with 3.99 and not getting interviews lol. I guess our system is "supply managed" well by the government eh.
  10. You have to remember US applicants need significantly lower GPA and MCAT to get in compared to internationals, so the stats are likely misleading. You could try DO schools for sure, apply to as many as you can. Applying in September likely had a major negative effect. As early as possible they say. You should consider applying to some lower tier schools that are Canadian friendly, Wayne State for example. Your MSc and MCAT certainly are positives, but unfortunately overall GPA is still suboptimal. Next cycle if you want to apply again you should apply broadly, early, a
  11. That's why BTC and asset prices are like little rockets. They actually have an upper limit, like BTC at least has a 21Mil upper limit. Houses is limited by available land at that location. the amount of dollars government can create is only limited by how many zeros they can add, aka how wide their computer screen is. If you go to Japan you're instantly ¥ millionaire lol, but remember if you buy something it costs a few thousand ¥ too.
  12. Taxes won't rise, that's too obvious to people's eyes. Why take the effort to collect taxes when you can just add zeros on a computer screen. Inflation will rise, aka real interest rate will go negative. Aka stagflation. Pretty convenient CPI doesn't include housing and stock prices lol. The old dogma about taxes is already thrown out, here comes MMT.
  13. CMPA has a bunch of stuff on their website, which may be helpful. But keep in mind their position is usually very defensive, and usually bit idealistic. If you wanna learn more you should join the variety of physician FB groups, people will talk about scenarios they've encountered and how things went. There is no correct answer usually, it's like history, it's written by the victors. Sometimes good defense is the best short term offence. Aka try to de-escalate in the moment, but document strategically, report to the appropriate authorities, and make long term plan to discharge t
  14. I don't know about UT policy, but as long as it doesn't show up on MSPR or transcript I doubt it'll ever have any effect on CaRMS. Maybe if you fail 2 courses that's a bigger deal. Hard to say without knowing the official policy. Hate to say this but UT trolls their students (not just med students, but in general) wayyyyy to often, they make people's life miserable for the sake of making people's life miserable. People struggle more often than people realize. Nobody likes to tell other people they didn't do well on something, so everyone thinks every other person is doing perfect except
  15. So if u wanna match to most specialties, mostly it's personal interactions and LOR. This excludes ultra-competitive ones where yeah you gotta know stuff inside out just to get an attending to smile at you. So if you are like bottom quartile in your med class, no worries, not end of world at all. On your elective, do some reading, know the basics and some advanced stuff, but more importantly, earn some "street cred" in that program and specialty. There goes a joke about med school class: - the top 1/3 of class become academians with titles and salutations longer than their actual name
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