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  1. It's 2/3 year residency, so bit of a grind, but afterwards you basically have freedom to do whatever you want, so could be worth the grind. There are family docs who only does surgical assist, or only ER, or only walk in clinic, or cosmetics or whatever other stuff you can think of. You gotta find that niche you are passionate about, it's out there, it may require some work and some time, but it's out there. I remember reading about this Michigan med grad who did 1 year internship and was confused, have no interest in clinical medicine whatsoever. Then he founded a chain of medical mariju
  2. I want to express my thoughts on a number of points above: - the problem sometimes is not capacity, but under and over flows in a particular year. For example maybe this year you apply to derm, and just happens there are 2 other stellar candidates from the same school who wants derm. If you had applied last year, there wouldn't be those 2 black horses. Our system is a one shot system mostly, if you apply to something competitive and go unmatched, you are more or less done (opthho is exception). At least in US there are transition years and abundance of FM/IM that in a pinch you could try
  3. I make a number of valid points medhopeful1984. Sounds like you have honorary PhD from the university of hard knocks. CaRMS to a large extent is just like looking for a job and even entrepreneurship, a lot of it rests on networking. Entrepreneurs who find the right mentor or angel investor could take off in no time, while those with great ideas but were at the wrong time in the wrong place are forgotten by history. In case you didn't know, read up on the story of UBC cardiac surgery match scandal in 2013. Covid does make networking very difficult for everyone. There are still chance
  4. I think in retrospect Carms is scary and it is not scary. It is scary because for 99% of grads it is their only way out, otherwise their 4yr MD degree more or less go down the drain. For people whose minds are fixated on 1 specialty of course super stressful. Now that Biden is in office I think visa restrictions hopefully will loosen, I still encourage people to do step 1. USA has so many spots if you are so worried about not matching you have insomnia apply to some FM/IM there and more or less you'll match no problem. Also in retrospect those 4 years med school never told you zilch
  5. lol as an aside on the other hand doctors are notorious for writing not enough, like how many times do radiologist get a req for xray with no clinical history? maybe your carms essay can just be: S: me = super cand. (rest illegible handwriting) O: me = >99% other cand. (rest illegible handwriting) A: DC other cand. (rest illegible handwriting) P: me match . (rest illegible handwriting)
  6. There are some that doesn't ask for medicals or only ask a few simple question (Eg do you smoke). I know RBC is a popular one. OMA in Ontario is popular, I don't know what associations offer in Quebec though. I think near end of med school is a good time. You want to sign up before you enter residency because residency is very stressful and can exacerbate or even create de novo all kinds of physical and mental stresses. Even though in Ontario the hospital offer you disability it's still a good idea to sign up with an external provider because once you sign up when you are young usually t
  7. Lol if you don't wanna do para you can just let IR do those for you. OP can also consider ID/Med micro route. med micro has no procedures, except maybe picking up the occasional petri dish if your center doesn't use MALDI-TOF. No inpatients though, unless you count little bugs living comfy in your petri dishes as inpatients.
  8. you guys forgot palliative care, this match OP's description perfectly also occupation med, no inpatient but zero procedure, unless you count paper shuffling. also med biochem, no inpatient but zero procedures.
  9. Is finance a consideration? If not you have a chance at some USMD/USDO. It's too late now but come next summer apply early and broadly, there are a fair number of CDN friendly schools but they are $$$. Ireland/Australia/Carib is kind of risky. Let us know if you have any PR/citizenship in US or Europe, that could of course help you. If none of the above option is palatable, then maybe do more courses to improve your GPA. I usually don't recommend this option unless there are no other options because it's a risk as well. What if you bomb a course and end up worse off?
  10. You're fine, you elective is pretty varied and it's ok to have a particular area of interest within FM. Haven't followed Carms this year but is CARMS so crazy these days that people are losing sleep over matching to FM?
  11. Academic pathologists aren't good representatives for the field. They are probably overloaded with cases, overworked and many aren't any good at teaching. I would shadow a community pathologist if I was interested.
  12. It's a golden opportunity that many wish they can just pay and get, so take it. (just make sure it's true that they only accept the higher of the two scores.)
  13. UWorld is more test oriented so not the best for "learning" in general per se, but if you combine UWorld+First Aid you will get a lot more out of it. You can even tackle First Aid for step 3 if you want to up a notch. Doing UWorld does keep you motivated to study if you set a schedule and do a fixed number of questions per day/week etc. Unless of course you study better by just reading books. Some people like studying by doing questions rather than reading books.
  14. Yes, you can definitely apply to a US residency. You will be competing with other AMG and IMG alike. It's not possible to predict how you'll do, because there are so many specialties and programs. If you got competitive USMLE scores, then obviously that would be a great boost.
  15. You should have a decent chance at USMD/DO, it's probably worth the wait, you'll save lots of headache and whatnot down the road when it comes to matching and practicing. Some Carib are cheaper for tuition but living on a tiny island is expensive, not to mention cost of clerkship! If you go to US school tuition is high but the peace of mind you get with matching is priceless. Unless you really screw up or fail step 1 as USMD you can at least match to FM or psych somewhere even if you are bottom of class. If you are ace student you can contemplate competitive area. I know Carib grad with s
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