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  1. not sure if privacy rules will allow you to take notes that might have confidential information on your own tablet/iPad. Usually the hospital policy says devices containing confidential information have to be checked by IT to make sure there's appropriate encryption etc.
  2. There are lots of FM jobs that are 9-5 with no call or afterhours whatsoever. If you like benefits there are hospitalist and salaried jobs as well. Way more income opportunity and flexibility as FM, you won't realize that until you're don and practicing. Sounds like you got bit "lucky" getting in, so keep it and enjoy the rewards.
  3. - some states accept LMCC1 in lieu of USMLE, but not every state does that. USMLE is good for life, so having it on hand is handy. - having a US license can come handy, say if you want to do international work or consulting work etc. Usually it just costs bit of money to renew every few years, that's all. - now that Step 1 is pass/fail, I think it really takes a lot of stress off from studying for it. So if your PGY1 is not too busy, then might be worthwhile. - If you are not in FM or IM, a lot of the knowledge will escape you later in residency, so might be better to do it soon
  4. They're kinda neat for CaRMS tour (if that ever comes back lol), easy to spot people at the airport and make some friends from across the country that way.
  5. There is an ongoing issue with resident supervision in the clinical environment, and perceived lack of support, particularly of junior learners on subspecialty services and on the Clinical Teaching Units, CTUs, during weekends. This is felt (by the residents) to be impacting patient safety; and, Residents are afraid to raise substantial questions or issues with the program, for fear of repercussions, both within their training program and related to future employment in Toronto. This perception arises from observation of the treatment of residents who have spoken out." So
  6. Who does dental anesthesia? Is that something FRCPC anes does on the side?
  7. I just read about this on CBC as well, great work from AFMC.
  8. Anecdotally one of my classmate transferred from FM after 1st year to Anesthesia, both in Ontario, but at different universities. So it is possible to transfer, but I am unsure of the details as to how he did it. He did mention when he was in FM he did try his best to do electives in anesthesia elsewhere, maybe that's how he got insight into any open spots. Alternatively the ON government does have a MOHLTC funded re-training program, but for that you have to have finished your 1st residency, and have practiced for at least 1 year, https://www.health.gov.on.ca/en/pro/programs/hhrsd/physicians/
  9. So there are 3 types of high yield things: - factoids that are high yield on paper. You'll find this in practice materials like First Aid Step 1, UWorld Step 1, Canada Q bank etc. For example Chagas disease causes achalasia is high yield. How many cases of Chagas disease have I ever seen? ZERO. - factoids that are high yield on the wards. You'll find this in clerkship oriented material like Step 2 CK First Aid, UWorld Step 2 CK, First Aid for clerkship etc. For example what is CRUB65. I guarantee you somebody on IM will ask you this. - scenarios that are high yield to know for
  10. Good advice from above, I'll elaborate a bit: 1) The volume of information is large, and can be difficult to manage at first. Establish a good schedule early, and regularly review your material. Don't leave things to the end thinking it's "easy" to just pass. On the other hand, you don't want to spend day and night memorizing. You want to pick out some key facts or things that are high yield, and take care of those first. I still advocate getting the USMLE Step 1 and Step 2 CS First Aid books. They are advanced for MS1, but do highlight many things that are very high yield. 2) If yo
  11. Terrible choice, I remember it was orange few years back, and the class wearing them looked like walking traffic cones on campus.
  12. For those aspiring to practice in Ontario, you may or may not have heard about all the battle between OMA and the Wynne/Ford government in the last decade or so. In any case, long story short, there was a cap on overall physician compensation, which resulted in percentage decrease in some years, and that was reversed few years back, which resulted in some % increase. One big issue that is of huge contention in the OMA is the idea of "relativity", aka how do we estimate the "appropriate" amount a specialty should be paid relative to other specialists. OMA calls it the "CANDI" model. There
  13. Google Telus EPP, they recently had a promo for the same plan but for $50. As hospital employee you should get that, but I am not sure if the promo has passed or not. For these EPP deals what they really need is a workplace email. So if you have a hospital email that's ideal. If not, see if your university's email will do the trick. I think Telus and Rogers have been fighting to dig each other's corporate employee customers. I know someone who switched to the above deal from rogers. 3 days later Rogers called them and matched the deal and beat the price to $45 lol I've had OMA deal b
  14. well now we're comparing fast routes, you can just do high school in 3 years, go to UK/Australia for 5 year MBBS degree, and start residency at 22. I remember in the US there was some child prodigy that did undergrad when he was around 14 and finished med school around 18 or so.
  15. FMD - more wide variety of skills and more options. You can do as much or as little as you desire, and basically have the option of working anywhere. I find people who do psych can't do much else after a while, like they're afraid to even interpret CBC lol. When I was on psych we had to consult IM for low potassium... It's great if you love psych, but after a while you might wanna do something else, but now you can't really do much else.
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