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  1. Back in the day when I was studying hardcore was the time I started listening to harpsichord and fortepiano recordings with period instruments. Haven't looked back since. Clarity of fortepiano is unparalleled. Perhaps the only one coming close on a modern pianoforte was Glenn Gould.
  2. Might be worthwhile if carefully targeted, since we don't know what away electives will be like next year and beyond. In case you don't get an away elective for a competitive area, doing summer research elsewhere may be a good way to make some connections.
  3. Sounds like residency lol. In all honesty, you'll meet so many people who does things differently that in the end you can be confident to take what you need and leave behind what you don't. Like others have said, be courteous, don't get kicked out, grow a thick skin. Once you have CCFP, you're free. Let me tell you a fun story, there's a staff in my residency who's like some world leading renowned expert in his field blah blah blah. One day I had a difficult specimen so I asked for his help. There's one specific area where I wasn't sure how to cut it, so he took the knife and CUT IT HIMSE
  4. NONE, practically speaking, by all accounts the door is closed for you. A grueling road you could try is first obtain US or Canadian PR status, then apply for offshore/foreign medical school, then try to do residency and obtain license in USA or Canada. This road is not impossible but will require willpower.
  5. sucks for those who can't do shadowing, I think that's way more important than zoom lectures. Any chance to do shadowing in non-academic places like rural hospitals or outpatient clinics? Still better than nothing. way back in the day I never felt the lectures were too useful as a whole. I mostly self studied using USMLE material and lots and lots of youtube.
  6. Maybe try outpatient and a different population of patients? More non-urgent ambulatory work? In all honesty everyone likes to think what they do is important and will make a big positive impact on someone/society, but most of CTU/internal medicine is patching up a leaky boat anyways (from my limited experience). Of course it's not just IM, probably every specialty have these moments. Sometimes I too wonder if other clinicians read the reports I write and how much of what I say matters to them and the patient lol.
  7. I am curious now that it's 7 years since OP posted, what happened? Would be nice to get a closure on their story.
  8. "intellectual simulation" is bit overrated for most people. It's like decreasing marginal utility, cool to learn about immunotherapy once or twice. By the Nth time, it just means more time spent on zoom instead of signing out cases and more paperwork to send out those molecular tests. Maybe that's why back in R1 I wanted to write up case reports for every weird case I see. Now I just punt them off to academic centers and hope the consult reports come back before I go on vacation haha.
  9. I don't know how much financial literacy / background / resource you have, but these are basic action plans I would start with: 1) join some Facebook groups on thrifty living, financial independence, physician finance etc. Ignore the chatter in there. Pay attention to big themes being discussed. 2) read 1-2 basic books on financial attitude. Starts to get into the "groove" of being financially strong and literate. Common bestsellers include "The Wealthy Barber: The Common Sense Guide", "The Millionaire Next Door: The Surprising Secrets", "The Richest Man in Babylon" -> I woul
  10. That's a great question, something I've been contemplating since your stage. first off, financial literacy is key. You should read up on FIRE, and join some FIRE groups of physician financial independent FB groups. Knowledge is strength. There are tons of free resources on personal finance. secondly, financial health has 4 super important aspects (IMHO): 1) top line = your income/revenue. As a resident you'll earn a salary, so you have steady cash flow. But your ways of increasing income is limited. Nonetheless, many people find innovative ways to generate income outside of t
  11. I predict the effect will be worse for those with low SES. The few $ one saves from elective cost is insignificant to those with high SES anyways. Those coming from medical family or well connected, deep rooted upper class family can find backdoor ways of making connections. It might just be as easy as your parent send a text message to their old classmate or golf buddy saying you're interested in the field etc. What if you come from a non-medical family or your family is new to Canada? Then I guess the only option is to bust your ass knocking on people's doors hoping someone opens.
  12. most states have a time limit for completing them (7 years is a common #), so what's the point of doing only step 1 but not do step 2 and 3?
  13. have realistic, pragmatic expectations for the bureaucratic, political and the healthcare system. try not to let your worry hinder your path to residency. Pay attention to these political and economic issues, but don't dwell on them if they're outside your control.
  14. a) dermatopathology b) forensic and hematopathology c) it really depends on where you work. Who do you compare to? What is "good"? I'd say neuropath and molecular path in the academic setting are more "chill". d) yes and no, 95% makes similar amounts, so you won't be poor. 4.999% makes slightly more, but 0.001% makes ridiculously high amounts. e) unfortunately yes, but if you are open minded about where you want to work, you don't have to f) yes, but you can negotiate your contract the amount of research you do.
  15. I heard Michigan State DO was a big thing few years back actively recruiting Canadians, maybe not their MD program? https://com.msu.edu/application/files/7915/8196/9246/Canadian-Student-Guide.pdf https://medicalschoolhq.net/pmy-264-dean-of-msucom-talks-about-mission-to-increase-canadian-dos/
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