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  1. So I should basically contact every single program in the country for advanced positions?
  2. Where do Canadian programs post their vacant PGY2-5 spots? So if a resident decides to quit his surgery program, where would I find out about it? I'm a prelim (i.e. PGY1) Canadian resident in the US and am fully eligible for advanced spots in Canada, but I have no idea where they would be posted. Thanks.
  3. Should I just search through kijiji and craigslist, or is there an insider track into student accommodation spots in downtown? Thanks!
  4. Fact 1: If you gun for both Plastics & Ortho, you'll get neither. Fact 2: The two are quite different from each other, and the fact you want either might indicate you need to do a little more soul searching; know what you really want. Fact 3: It's *infinitely* easier to match in the US, even if you're a Canadian citizen. There are just simply way, way more spots down there. You'll get your American Board certification and will be able to practice in either countries, no biggie. It doesn't make sense to *waste* your elective opportunities in Canada when you could have them done in t
  5. Well I sure hope that's what happened to me... A glitch, but it's unlikely. Just received word from the PD that they decided against filling the Urology IMG spot this year. When I was visiting in Ottawa, one of the residents told me he didn't think there was enough flow to take one, so, maybe that's why. I think it's nice to have a PD who looks after his residents and make sure they receive optimal training.
  6. Let me put it that way: I know a med student from one of Canada's top 3 medical schools, and home to one of its best Urology programs- who wasn't able to match in Urology. Granted he seems to have been an immigrant, with a heavy accent, and not with the sharpest social skills and possibly not an ideal application, but it's quite telling. Urology is ridiculously competitive. Your best shot is to not waste time and do medical school again, knowing that by the time you're done, your chances of getting into Urology won't be high. To make your chances higher, sit for the USMLEs during your medical
  7. *BUMP* So what's the deal with Thank You letters this year? Do or Don't? Do you email every person on the committee, or just the PD? When do you do it, if at all?
  8. Anatomical Pathology: Manitoba, Ottawa, UBC, Toronto, Dalhousie, Calgary, McGill Anesthesiology: Toronto, Calgary (telephone interview), Western, Queen's, Ottawa, Saskatchewan, UBC, NOSM, Calgary, Memorial, Dalhousie, Alberta, McGill, McMaster Cardiac Surgery: Dermatology: Edmonton, Calgary, Saskatchewan, Toronto, Mac/UofT, Ottawa Diagnostic Radiology: McGill, Saskatchewan, Queen's, Dalhousie, Ottawa, Calgary, Toronto, McMaster, Manitoba, Alberta, Western Emergency Medicine: Queen's, McMaster, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, UBC (Victoria, Vancouver, Fraser - phone invite), McGill,
  9. Oh yeah. The lucky ones get into vascular surgery... Cardiac Surgery is bigger in third world countries with plenty of rheumatic heart disease and consanguinity-inflicted cardiac anomalies to deal with.
  10. I know Cardiac surgery grads who are PGY13.... jumping from one low paying fellowship to another low paying fellowship... There's a reason why nobody wants it.
  11. A US pre-match is the ONLY way to end up in the US if both countries' programs rank you highly. HOWEVER, starting NRMP 2013 (this coming cycle) pre-matching will be barred. If a program announces x spots in August'12, it is expected to fill them all through NRMP in March'13, or leave spots unmatched for the scramble/SOAP. They can't fill spots throughout the year the way the used to. Don't ask for a link; this came straight from a chief resident I know...
  12. My best advice is, if you want a specialty so bad, step out of the CaRMS process, improve yourself, and reapply. Write the USMLEs and apply in the states. This is my third CaRMS participation... Every year, I'm a stronger applicant... one day, I'll get the spot -and it'll be well earned.
  13. I took my exam in November 2011. My PD said my percentile took all examinees into consideration (US, Canada, International). The only explanation of my score was in the report itself which said: "NOTE - Your Percentile Rank is 100 (this indicates the percentage of participants in your peer group who received the same or lower score on the Total Examination) I've contact the AUA education desk who haven't replied yet.
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