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  1. Hey gang, Anyone out there have tips on preparing for surgical foundations (used to be Principles of surgery (POS) Exam)? Any resources to share? Many thanks
  2. Highly Highly recommend "Something The Lord Made". Movie about the first cardiac surgery by Alfred Blalok and the African American Vivian Thomas who basically pioneered it. Its both interesting from a medicine perspective and from a social perspective highlighting how medicine was quite unwelcoming to colored folk.
  3. Wouldn't call this realistic... But I'm in love with Ferrari's 458 Italia!! It's so gorgeous! I recommend the Top Gear episode where they test it out
  4. Awesome, thanks for all of your help guys! If there's others with experience in with these programs I'd love to hear your advice as well!
  5. Ps. Youngdad, what kind of a joint is the xxx fire hall, sounds sketchy bold to put that on an application, even if you were the volunteer of the year.
  6. Hey, As you can see, advice on this is quite variable. I think both sides have valid points. I went for a combo of the two approaches. I did use point form, however, I was sure to include a heading "significance" where I briefly mentioned the skills, characteristics, goals, relevance to medical career. BUT, I absolutely tried to keep my words to a minimum AND tried to keep things reasonable. For example, if you casually run for pleasure, don't make it sound likes it's this incredible thing that brings you to nirvana and hah everything to do with your love for and compatibility with a care
  7. Hey gang, This is another one of those, tell me which program is better threads. I am trying to decide between which of these is a better program which will dictate which elective I cancel and which I keep. I know Ottawa is probably a nicer place to live... It would be AWESOME if any of you are gen surg residents from either program that can comment. Thanks peeps, L
  8. Might add Pagani Zonda to my list. As long as we are staying realistic
  9. +1 definitely on my list. I could also go for a veyron I need to stop watching top gear. It makes me car lust too much.
  10. Haha that's really funny! I just wasted a couple minutes searching for the gorilla based off the hint they give that it is in the right lung... Pretty sure it is in the left lung... haha thought I was pretty blind for a couple of minutes
  11. I never thought of the end of semester exams as a downside. Sure it can make for a more stressful exam period, however, I liked being held accountable for knowing all of that info at the end of the semester. It means you have to revisit the material a couple of times, and for me it takes a couple of times for information to stick around. This isn't undergrad where you just learn for the sake of getting credit for the class and then ditch the information, one day we will have to make decisions about patients' medical care based on our knowledge. I don't know of any studies comparing retention o
  12. I would've been pretty choked if I had to write that MCAT twice... I mean, the results are given as percentiles. Whether the tests are different or not you can still get an idea of where someone ranks relative to their peers. They used the old MCAT and they will use the new MCAT, so for those overall years I would vote that they just look at the percentiles and treat as equivalent.
  13. I was under the impression that you have to maintain the GPA that you applied with, and that the offer was conditional. Too lazy to check website but it should be on there somewhere.
  14. Take time off. I strictly limited my mcat studying to week days and kept weekends for going to the lake, hanging out with friends, camping etc. It made the summer enjoyable despite that idiotic exam. I was able to motivate myself to study hard and make good use of my study time during the week because I knew at the end of the week was my reward: saturday and sunday study free. I still ended up with a score I was pretty happy with and had a great summer.
  15. Hope you're all happy about today's results! I'm already crapping myself thinking that I have to go through this next year!
  16. Plastic surgeons definitely bill both. I've worked with one who does hospital msp covered OR and does private OR as well.
  17. What about if you do 2 electives at your home school... Is that understandable by other programs because your home school is kind of the "default" or does it automatically imply that you are most interested in your home school?
  18. And they are comparing the number of class hours... the last 2 years of medical degree is not in the classroom... In 2nd year med I went to shadow a chiropractor as part of an Alternative Medicine block. I was really disappointed how much of what he did was non-evidence based expensive procedures that he sold to patients as if they were sure-fire procedures. We actually had a Chiropractor-Scientist come to our class to discuss Chiropractics and evidence. Apparently some of the manipulation techniques are legit, but he openly stated that many of the things his colleagues do are complete qua
  19. Thanks both for you responses! Sent you a PM med88 I don't really want much to do with Toronto... I always hear great academics but less hands on time. I want it the other way around. I am interested in community gen sx and want tons of hands on time. I will definitely be spending time at UBC (Yes, like Toronto it is also a bit more academic than the others, but geography factors in too )
  20. Hey guys, Anyone out there in gen surg or just go through the CaRMS process for it? I am starting to get my ducks in a row for 4th year and am hoping for some elective advice. I am hoping to do at least a couple OOP electives, probably 1 in Alberta, 1 (at least) Ontario, and potentially Dal (and at UBC obviously ) Anyone have advice for electives at: 1)U of C 2)U of A 3)Ottawa 4)McMaster 5)Dalhousie I know generally which ones sound interesting, but I definitely don't know which have good preceptors, good reference letter writers, etc. I know these posts are always borin
  21. Not sure... but I know most US schools look at the MCAT as a large factor in application and if you don't have science courses there's a decent chance you'll have a hard time with the MCAT.
  22. yeah, usually people learn that while still premed, lol.
  23. What are "easy" 5 year residencies to back up with? (and ones that don't use microscopes daily and are not psych, haha)
  24. Apply, can't hurt. I got in OOP as 3rd year applicant with 4.0 (I think that's what it was at Alberta, at my uni it was 4.27/4.30) and 36
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