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  1. I never heard of 'NSOM', but I was under the impression NOSM has had a 100% match rate every year....so none must have applied to those specialties.
  2. Last year at NOSM I remember seeing a wall full of passport photos and people throwing darts.
  3. Before interview...1/3 context, 1/3 ABS, 1/3 GPA After interview 1/2 interview, 1/6 context, 1/6 ABS, 1/6 GPA Good luck everyone, be sure to have fun at the interviews !!!
  4. Voyageur: Just to give you a little more info.... I had about the same GPA as you (lower, actually), and I am currently a NOSM student in TB. NOSM is not nearly so Gpa anal as some of the other schools, but they do need to base interview offers on something. I don't know the exact formula they use for each section but it is 1/3 gpa, 1/3 context and 1/3 EC's before the interview. I was born and raised in Northern Ontario, francophone so I am assuming my context 1/3 was very high. NOSM places much more emphasis on long-term EC's than the one-time items. So stuff you've been do
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