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  1. Hi Zoey, having outside experiences is very important to your application. If you don't have any experiences, I wouldn't apply at this time. Although, back when I was applying, Saskatewan did focus much more on the grade alone. This being said, your GPA is reasonable and you could always apply when you have gained enough experiences. Feel free to PM me about suggestions to improve your non-academic side.
  2. I decided just to open up a discord channel! https://discord.gg/S9uUfg
  3. Hello! I used to roam these forums when I was a pre-med student quite often. I remember not having a mentor to ask regarding medical school and the process of applying. The forum became my haven for knowledge and resources. I finished residency over a year ago now, currently practicing, and I feel I should extend the offer to help anyone needing guidance and mentoring regarding their application or just about medical school in general. I wish I knew more about the process of medical school and residency before I applied. I went to UBC for medical school, but was accepted to Alberta a
  4. I practiced A LOT for the UBC MMI. In general, I think practicing helped me organize my thoughts and express my ideas more coherently. If anything, it helped with my nerves knowing that I've practiced it hundreds of times. I didn't prepare for my other interviews because I practiced for the UBC MMI. Although the other interviews were different, I felt like practicing for the UBC MMI paid off. Also, I found like panel interviews were very easy and laid back.
  5. Accepted! OOP OMSAS GPA: 3.91 MCAT: 34Q: 10(v)-12(p)-12( nserc, publication, club exec, volunteering (various) Felt the interview was super casual... Applied: UBC Queens McMaster Alberta Ottawa Interview: UBC Alberta Ottawa Accepted: UBC Alberta Ottawa
  6. Accepted! VFMP GPA: 4.12/4.33 MCAT: 34Q: 10(v)-12(p)-12( nserc, publication, club exec, volunteering (various) felt good about the interview! Applied: UBC Queens McMaster Alberta Ottawa Interview: UBC Alberta Ottawa Accepted: UBC Alberta Ottawa
  7. I think you have to make the poll when you create the thread.
  8. Hello Everyone, I know there has been a lot of MMI prep groups at UBC. I would like to organize a prep group for the weekday in North Burnaby. We would probably meet up at SFU. This is just more convenient for those who live in Burnaby, especially SFU students. PM me with your email if you are interested! i hope to start ASAP.
  9. According to that formula, 90% is a score of 50. That might be the case!
  10. That is exactly what I am worried about... I wish there was someone to tell me if it would be okay or not O.O Really want to take the course... Auditing is a serious waste a money though... *sigh Suggestions?
  11. Here is my dilemma, I want to take this introduction to web design class (a 100 level class). I would actually learn something from it because I don't know css or python. Moreover, it would really soften up my load of 400 level classes. It sounds enjoyable for sure! My dilemma: In my applications, I have included that I was employed as a web designer, which I was. How did I manage to code it? It was a lot of work and... I'm not too sure, but I somehow easily adapt to the things I read. I know html, so CSS KINDA made sense. I was able to code CSS without understanding what I was really doi
  12. I have a question related this. Did you put all your activities for one research project under one entry? For example, if you did an NSERC USRA, presented at two conferences (won a conference award), and was published, do you place everything into a single entry? I can't imagine doing this with the word count limit... The title of my project doesn't even fit into the text box.
  13. I understand that the weighing system at U of T only works if you have taken a full courses for all your years at undergrad. From what I understand, you can still apply if you have not taken a full course load. Is that true? I just wanted to double check if I should still apply... before I write 1000 words about myself... First year (33 credits): - fall 14 credits - spring 12 credits - summer 7 credits Second Year (26 credits): - fall 12 credits - spring 11 credits (I was working in 2 labs so...) - summer 3 credits (co-op) Third Year (27 credits): - fall 12 credits - spring
  14. Thanks for the help! Taking physics will definitely lighten the load too...I can't believe I'm taking first year physics AFTER taking my MCAT... I love applepie too!
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