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  1. Some that spring to mind: World renowned chef or food critique Senior litigation partner at a law firm Maybe having held some sort of high level office in politics Professional sports Black pool or royal company dancer Basically think of being the best, the best there ever was. To think of that is your real test and to write about it is your cause.
  2. Most med schools consider a law degree, for admissions purposes (and all other purposes...) an undergraduate degree when calculating undergraduate GPA. I was wondering if this was the same thing for U of A admissions?
  3. I think it would be a more significant issue when it comes to smaller practices. Nobody wants to walk around the ferrari parked in "Dr. Feelgud's" spot in front of a family clinic only to go in there and wait hours for a doctor who will tell them that it doesn't matter what they googled on WebMD, go get a blood test and come back in 3 weeks when it's done.
  4. I went to law school. And though law is friggen amazing, fun, and intellectually stimulating, somewhere in my mind I still think that I will one day go back to medicine.
  5. Why not call the College of Physicians and Surgeons in Ontario?
  6. I know we're all worked up over here but let's not drag KD into this. You tell me an age when KD isn't acceptable and I'll call you a god damn liar.
  7. Yeah, I certainly wouldn't argue with bankers flashing their cash. That's practically required in that industry.
  8. Although it's highly possible that we have experiences from two different markets.
  9. Neither of these responses have been my experience. Law: Sure, you don't want to go into a meeting looking shabby, but the client in those circumstances will almost always look like the richest person in the room (even if they aren't). The cars in the parking lot are very nice, but nothing exotic (those are parked at home). Finance: My experience here is strictly with the IBs in my family and some of my friends in the industry. All got MBAs for the move from analyst to associate. But these handful of people work for 2 banks so it's possible this requirement is limited to these two inst
  10. Law isn't that much less conservative than medicine. Similar to what rmorelean said, lawyers don't really want their clients to think they are being overpaid. But there's also a balance that needs to be struck with dressing and living lavishly enough that your clients your that you are successful and know what you're doing. Also, you're not going to find too many (if any) VPs in banking that don't have an MBA. You're pretty much stuck at analyst until you get that grad degree and move up to associate.
  11. This. Prepare for the invasion of DOs Canada!
  12. So if you are admitted as a NTP you are enrolled in a qualifying year. You need to get a 3.5 GPA for the year but does anybody know the nature of the courses that you take? And after all is said and done if you are admitted as an NTP in fall of 2014, you will graduate in 2019 currect?
  13. Hmm...for some reason my link above does't work anymore. Well, the visa thing is an issue for IMG, MD and DO.
  14. Sadly nothing past anecdotal. And "great" is a relative term. I consider a great residency to be at an established reputable location and not necessarily the upper echelon of specialties (ie ROAD). The issues that Canadian DOs had a while ago was that they were landing these stellar residencies but were forced to pursue residency in Canada because they couldn't get a Visa. All that has been cleared up pretty recently though and Canadians are to be treated the same when applying for a Visa regardless of the medical school they went to. http://www.osteopathic.org/inside-a...athic-medic
  15. A good amount of misinformation in this thread... 1) DOs match into great residencies even as a Canadian. DOs are matched first round in a few provinces in Canada and they are matched first round in the US. Many non-primary care residencies are very DO friendly and even some of the tougher ones are taking in DOs. The stigma is pretty much gone with the new generation of doctors in control. Like all other medical schools, if you pick your rotations right, get some good reference letters and kill it on your Step 1 you will have plenty of opportunities. The only squabbles between MD and DO
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